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Not Ready For Primetime 2017


I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr! Thank you for signing up with one of these fandoms ♥ Please don't feel like you have to use any of the prompts I came up with, I love all the people/pairings I requested and I love a wide range of fic, so I'm sure to love whatever you want to write for them!

Also, general note: I made various requests as either / or &, depending on what was in the tag set, but I both really like gen and also read all these groupings as ships, so feel free to write it whichever way you like best (excepting Galen & Jyn, which I would like to remain gen). I also love basically all genres and all moods - I like comedy, I like tragedy, I like fluff, I like soul-crushing angst, I like filthy porn, I like gently hand-holding, I like established relationships, I like getting together stories, I like backstory, I like world-building, etc.

General Likes:
- gen/het/slash/femslash
- ratings from G to NC-17
- everything from plot-heavy gen to PWP
- action & adventure
- comedy
- tragedy
- mysteries
- backstories
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs
- bodyswap
- timeloops
- hurt/comfort
- domesticity
- holiday fic
- fluff
- team bonding
- huddling for warmth
- fake dating & accidental/convenience/forced marriages
- sex pollen
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- pining
- threesomes
- uniforms/costumes
- mind control
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage
- captivity
- violence
- death fic
- torture
- scars & losing limbs
- corruption
- noncon/dubcon

General Dislikes:
- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging
- mundane aus

Barry Allen/Hal Jordan
Red & Green ♥ Any version of how they first met would be great, or anything with them going on adventures together, either Barry helping Hal in space or Hal working with Barry on Earth. Or hurt/comfort? Or one of them going to insane lengths to save the other? Or something with them coming together after one of them has been dead/possessed for a while. I would also really love future fic with them co-mentoring their various proteges, maybe a JSA 2.0 thing?

Hal Jordan/Thaal Sinestro
So much history~ I would love anything on their timeline, from way back when they were first partners and learning to work with each and legit friends, or something set when Hal turned on him. I love anything where they're enemies but still deeply obsessed with each other even as their making each other's lives hell. I also love Sinestro messing with Hal's head (or body), and I love anything where they're forced to work together by circumstances, or something where they do eventually end up on the same side again for real.

Christine Palmer/Stephen Strange
I'd love something set in the earlier days of their relationship - how did they meet, what was their relationship like at first? I'd also love anything dealing with what Christine Palmer was going through while Stephen was off learning magic in Kamar-Taj. Or something post-movie - any kind of adventure fic, or Christine getting drawn into the magical world. How does she adjust to the person Stephen's become? How does she handle magic being a real thing?

Kaecilius/Stephen Strange
Anything that fills in more of Kaecilius's backstory would be great, or is there any version of events where Stephen ends up switching to his side? Or anything with Kaecilius torturing/capturing Strange - maybe for some kind of magic ritual? Is there any way they end up having to work on the same side for some reason? Or maybe Dormammu sends Kaecilius back to this dimension as his servant, and they run across each other as a result? Or maybe a an AU where Kaecilius hasn't split off from the Ancient one by the time Stephen ends up at Kamar-Taj.

Karl Mordo/Wong
I'd love more backstory for both of them - how did they end up at Kamar-Taj in the first place? I'd love anything about them training or handling magical calamities together. Is there any indication early on how badly Mordo's going to react to learning about the Ancient One's using forbidden techniques? I'd also love anything with them meeting again after the events of the movie, and both of them trying to convince the other that they're in the right.

Adelle DeWitt/Laurence Dominic
Twisted loyalty! I love how wrapped up in each other they are despite their best attempts to stay cold. How did Dominic first infiltrate the Dollhouse? I'd love any kind of casefic with them working together, or an AU about what would have happened if he hadn't been caught as the spy. I also love everything to do with the Attic, and I'd love any kind of nightmare fic set there. I'd also love anything set in the epilogue - what exactly did she pull him out of the Attic for? And what happened if/when he came back?

Caroline Farrell/Bennett Halverson
I love their relationship so much - it's so twisted and intense, and it's been forever since the show aired and I'm still not over that "Please use me!" reaction Bennett had to Caroline's confession, or the resulting rage and torture later. I'd love anything set in their early days when Caroline was first trying to befriend/seduce her, or an AU where their bombing goes differently, or anything with Bennett taking her anger out on Echo/Caroline. Or how would her relationship with Caroline/Echo/both have developed if she hadn't been shot? Or what would have happened if they'd made an imprint of Bennett before she died?

Galen Erso & Jyn Erso
I have so many feelings about them ;__; I would love anything with child Jyn and her relationship with her dad on Coruscant or Lah'mu, or how she looks back on those memories as an adult. I'd also love something about Galen that deals with how he handles his feelings about Jyn while he's on Eadu. I'd also love an AU where they both survive long enough to interact more as adults. Or what would Jyn's reaction have been if she was reunited with her dad before she saw him talk about her in his holo-message?

Galen Erso & Orson Krennic
I love the whole, tragic arc their friendship takes - it really does end up being the death of both of them. I'd love more of their time during the Futures Program, or how they kept up with each other up until the point where Galen was on Vallt. Or their time on Lah'mu! How long does it take Galen to work his way back into Orson's good graces, and how does he manage it? How much freedom does Krennic really give him? What would have happened if Galen hadn't been killed on Eadu?

Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook
I am always down for a million different versions of how they met and became close! We really don't know much about how their relationship played out, other than how important it ended up being to Bodhi, and I really want anything that fills those holes in. Or, alternatively, I would love an AU set where they survive long enough to meet up again after Bodhi leaves with the message - how does their relationship play out then? Or if only one of them survives, how do they end up coping with the other's death?

Galen Erso/Lyra Erso
I would love more about the early days of their relationship, when they first met and were still getting to know each other. Or, there's that line in Catalyst that mentions they got stuck in the wilderness once and Lyra had to save both of them, and I'd love to read that story! I would also love anything about their family life, more slice-of-life of them on Coruscant or Lah'mu. I would also love an AU where they're either both taken alive on Lah'mu, or Lyra goes with Jyn as plan and they don't end up seeing each other again for years.

Jyn Erso & or / Bodhi Rook
I would love to see more of them together - their respective relationships to Galen were both to important to how the movie went, and I would love to see more of them bonding over that. Or, alternatively, something that deals with their different experiences with Saw. Or any kind of AU - how would they have interacted if Galen had sent Bodhi to look for her earlier? What kind of expectations did Bodhi have of Galen's daughter? If they had survived Scarif, what would have happened to them? Or how does their dynamic work if Galen survives, too?

Rick Flag/June Moone
Their get together got glossed over really quickly in the movie, so I would love more of the two of them trying to control each other on Waller's orders and ending up with real feelings for each other. Or I'd love anything with the two of them trying to deal with the Enchantress's mind games, or anything that plays with the June/Enchantress dynamic and how that affects their relationship. Were there any botched attempts to separate the Enchantress and June before the events of the movie? Or, if you like tragedy, how would Flag have handled it if June really had died in the end?