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Darkest Night 2017 Letter

Hello, I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr! Thank you for writing for me ♥ Please feel free to ignore this letter if you already know what you want to write/draw!

For all of these pairings, please feel free to write them as romantic/sexual or as platonic. I will be happy with anything including the characters I like in dark situations! And I like everything from G to NC-17 ratings. As far as tropes/kinks go, I don't have any issues or preferences regarding what gender bottoms/tops or who is the perpetrator/victim of any of these acts. I also like all of these tropes in both fic/art!

Generally, for dark fic, I'm always down for any kind of self-sacrifice between characters who care about each other, hatesex or non-con between characters who don't care about each other, or anything that deals with grief/mourning or ghosts and haunting. I like characters being haunted in both a literal sense, with ghosts, and in a psychological sense.

For art, anything with the characters being tied up, or torn up and bloody, or crying, or anything like that will always make me happy!

- action/adventure, mysteries, dark comedy
- character death
- oral sex/vaginal sex/anal sex/hand jobs, in any gender combo
- mirrorverse AUs (aka all the evil/good characters get their morality flipped)
- sex pollen/force made them do it/aliens made them do it/pheromones
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- biting/bruises
- pining/fantasizing
- uniforms/costumes
- choking/asphyxiation/breathplay
- mind control/possession/hypnotism
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage
- captivity, kidnapping
- stockholm/lima syndrome
- violence/torture
- dominance/submission
- bloodplay, come, saliva, etc
- weapons kink
- gang bangs/public use
- aliens/xeno/tentacles
- death fic/snuff
- scars/losing limbs
- corruption/redemption
- non-con/dub-con

- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging
- watersports/scat
- mundane AUs

bloodplay, body horror, captivity, character death, controlling/possesive relationship, corruption, cosmic horror, death, dream invasion, gaslighting, ghost rape, ghost sex, ghosts, gothic horror, gore, lima syndrome, stockholm syndrome, vengeful spirits

Edith Cushing
I love both the supernatural and the human horrors of Crimson Peak, and I would like to see more of her dealing with either! I would love her being haunted by the experience, either figuratively or literally. Or I would love anything that explores her relationships with Lucille and Thomas, or Alan after she escapes the Sharpes, or how she feels about the Sharpe's earlier victims. Or, instead of escaping, I would also love something where she is trapped in Crimson Peak, either as a ghost herself, or via Stockholm syndrome. Or I would love more of her as a child, and how the ghosts ended up shaping her life! I ship her with Thomas, Lucille, both of them at once, and Alan, if you want to write shipfic/smut.

betrayal, blackmail, breathplay, character is haunted by bad things they had to do for a good cause, dubious consent due to identity issues, flawed/incomplete redemption, espionage, experimentation, guilt, fear toxin, faustian bargain, imprisonment, poisoning, manipulation

Amanda Waller
I would love more of her backstory and rise to power in the DCEU! How did she get to where she is? How does she feel about the people who work for her? What would have happened if they hadn't stopped the Enchantress? How does she handle the Justice League coming together? I'd love her interacting with the Suicide Squad, the Justice League, or anyone in the government as she works her way up the ranks. I would also love to see her tormenting people, either because she thinks it's for the greater good or because she just thinks they deserve it.

Isabel Maru
I love the little glimpses we got of her history, and I would love to see more about her accident, or how she turned into the person she was in the movie! I would also love an AU Diana loses - how does Maru deal with victory? Or, what happened to her after the movie? Was she happy just to be alive, or was she raging over the destruction of all her hard work? I'd be happy with either her remaining an unrepentant monster or eventually feeling guilty over what she's done.

Isabel Maru/Diana Prince
I would love to see more interaction between the two of them! Does Diana try to redeem her? Does Isabel go along with it, or does she resent the attempt? Does Diana ever come to regret not killing her, and does that have anything to do with her loss of faith in mankind? Or, if the redemption takes, how does Isabel deal with the magnitude of the crimes that she's committed? I would also love a take on it where Maru captures Diana somehow and takes revenge for the destruction of her work and all her plans.

Isabel Maru/Steve Trevor
I loved the scene where he's trying to seduce her in the movie, and I would love something where he isn't interrupted and eventually goes through with it. Or something where that was his original mission, and he follows through with it without ever stealing the journal and crash landing on the island. How does he feel about manipulating her like that? Or how does he feel about her research and her crimes? How does he justify everything to himself? And what happens to them if/when she finds out he's a spy?

angst, bad guys win, character death, corruption, doomed timelines, enduring pain/rape/torture to protect another, gore, grief/mourning, harmed to punish another, insanity, mercy killing, mourning a death, psychological trauma, self sacrifice

Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth
I would love anything that deals with Brienne's loyalty and sense of obligation! I would love Brienne helping Sansa get over her past trauma, or going to extreme lengths to make sure nothing like that ever happens to her again. I would also love something with them clinging to each other after the North has fallen, either to Cersei or to the White Walkers. Or something where Sansa is getting darker and Brienne is trying to pull her back to being the type of woman Brienne thinks Catelyn would have wanted her to be.

Jorah Mormont/Daenerys Targaryen
I love how Jorah fucked up the loyalty thing so badly, and now he's so desperate to make up for it! I would love anything with him getting torn apart or even killed just to prove his loyalty and devotion to her. I would also love something with him trying to protect her if the invasion of Westeros goes wrong, or something with her taking bloody revenge after he's killed. Or I would love something set after the war is over, where they may have won but they're both still irrevocably damaged by their experiences. Or something where Dany goes mad like her father, and Jorah has to chose between taking her out or supporting her no matter what she becomes.

arousal from killing, betrayal, breathplay, bloodily, blood drinking, blood and violence, cannibalism, controlling/possesive relationship, corruption, death, friends to enemies, gaslighting, gore, grief/mourning, killing together, isolation, kidnapping, lima syndrome, non-consenual somnophilia, murder, stockholm syndrome

Hannibal Lecter
Oh, man, I would just like beautiful murder and mind games? I love him and the obsessive way he wants to break open the things that he loves, and that terrifying shift between being seemingly caring and kind and being a monster. I also like that role-reversal when he's the one capture/tortured for a while! I would love more of his past, or more of him being the most damaging therapist in the world. Or just 1k words of him turning people into unnecessarily elaborate food? I ship him with/want to see him obsess over Will, Alana, Bedelia, Chiyoh, Abigail, Jack, Beverly, pretty much anyone.

Jack Crawford
I really love Jack, and I would love to see more with him! Either something dealing with his betrayal at Hannibal turning out to be a serial killer, or his sense of guilt over Will being sucked into it. Or something with him losing himself as he tries to hunt Hannibal down after his escape. I also think that in all the stylized and exaggerated horror of the rest of the show, his relationship with Bella as she was dying was really wonderfully done in how grounded and relatable it was, and I would enjoy something that delved into that.

bad guys win, beaten up, bondage, branding, buried alive, captivity, espionage, murder, public use, psychological trauma, rape/non-con, rape while injured, torture, undercover, undercover gone wrong

James Bond/Le Chiffre
I loved their dynamic in the movie so much! I love Le Chiffre as this normally cool, calm operator trying desperately to hold onto his empire as it collapses around him, and how as a result his hatred of Bond is deeply, deeply personal. And that torture scene!!! I would love an extended version of that scene, or something where Le Chiffre doesn't get taken out and has time to break him in properly. Or an AU! Something happens earlier at the Casino, maybe? Or Bond never manages to stop the plane bombing, so the mission instead becomes infiltrating Le Chiffre's organization? How far would he take that? Feel free to throw Vesper, Leiter, Mathis, or Valenka into things if you want.

abuse of authority, aftermath of torture, being tortured triggers past memories, betrayal, brainwashing, character is haunted by bad things they had to do for a good cause, controlling/possesive relationship, deception, depression, drugged sex, dependent on enemy for survival, emotional manipulation, enduring torture to protect another, forced drug addiction, gaslighting, grief and mourning, guilt, hatesex, harmed to punish another, sins of the parents, stockholm syndrome

Bodhi Rook
I would love backstory about life on Jedha, especially anything that deals with being stuck between the occupation and the insurrection, or anything about starting out with the Empire. How far does the Empire go in insuring compliance in the lower ranks? What's it like being back on Jedha after working for them? Or anything set on Eadu! How does he come to be Galen's message-carrier? Or I would love anything that delves in to the aftermath of his torture with the Bor Gullet, especially the mental part of it. Or how do things go if he survives? How does he move past everything that happened to him in the movie?

Galen Erso
He's spent so much of his life in captivity, watching his all his good intentions bring nothing but suffering, and he still managed to keep himself together long enough to put the destruction of the Death Star into motion. I'd love something set during his captivity on Vaalt, separated from his wife and child, or anything with him struggling to keep things together after Krennic rescues them. Or life on Eadu! How does he handle the loss of his family, and how does he manage to keep his secrets for so long? Or anything where he survives and has to deal with all the emotional fallout of everything that happens.

Jyn Erso
I would love fic of her as a kid - what was it like right after she got picked up by Saw? Or later, what was it like when she realized he'd abandoned her and she was really on her own? I'd love anything that goes into her various misadventures before the move begins. Or anything that deals with her emotions after hearing Galen's message, or after seeing him again. Or an AU where she's caught and discovered earlier! What would have happened to her? Or I'd love something where she survives, but still has to deal with the trauma of what she's been through, or she still has terrible things happening to her as she fights the Empire.

Orson Krennic
I love him so much, and he's so versatile! You can have him doing terrible things to other people, or other people doing terrible things to him! I would love him stalking Galen, or dealing with the political fallout after Galen runs away. Or something with him trying to navigate Imperial politics, and either abusing his authority over the people underneath him or being abused by those with power over him, or just being ready and willing to do anything it takes to get ahead even as he's wrecking himself. I would also love anything where he survives Scarif - what does the Empire do to him then? Or what if he's captured by the Rebellion?

Orson Krennic/Galen Erso
I will always want more of them! There's just so much in their relationship to explore, especially in all the twists and turns it takes over the years. I would love something set on Coruscant, where Krennic is hiding the reality of the situation from him while still seeing himself as working in Galen's best interests, to something set after Lah'mu. What were the early years like? How long did it take before Krennic was ready to buy him as loyal? And what were things like once Krennic didn't have to pretend they were working on something beneficial to society anymore? Or what would things have been liked if Galen hadn't died when the Rebellion attacked Eadu?

Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook
I would love more about their relationship, and how they came together, and how Galen convinced Bodhi to defect for him. Anything with Galen feeling guilty or manipulative would be amazing, or anything with how Bodhi feels about leaving without taking Galen with him. I would also love anything with either of them trying to shield the other from some of the degradations of life under the Empire! Or something where they both escape but then both have to deal with Saw not trusting them, or something where they're both hunted, or just have to deal with all the destruction the Empire caused with the Death Star.

Jyn Erso/Bodhi Rook
They've both been through so much, and their stories are intertwined in a lot of ways - I would love something with them both dealing with their complicated relationships to Galen and/or Saw, or trying to deal with life as part of the Rebellion proper if they both survive. Or something that deals with the strangeness of them having those connections while still being strangers. I would also love something with both of them being hunted by the Empire for their actions, or something where they are caught, either on Scarif or afterwards.

Orson Krennic/Wilhuff Tarkin
I would love something about how they first met - did it go smoothly at first, or was it seething resentment and derision at first sight? I would also love anything with Krennic being desperate to get ahead and get attention and Tarkin being ready and willing to use and abuse that. Or maybe just stringing him along with what he's willing to give in the relationship. Would their relationship have gone differently if the Death Star had come together sooner? Or what would have happened if Krennic hadn't died on Scarif?

breathplay, curses, dark magic, dream invasion, faustian bargain, harmed to punish another, impersonation, imprisonment, magical corruption, non-consenual somnophilia, rapist shape-shifts to lure victims, shapeshifting, unwanted threesome

I'd love to see Maleficent tormenting the two of them, either using them to hurt each other or corrupting both of them to her side, either through dark magic or just carefully applied mind games/manipulation. I'd also love something where she survived the end of the movie, and comes back after them when they think they're safe. Or something where they're being tormented in their sleep, or Aurora is suffering lingering effects of the curse? Or a version of events where she straight-up won - what would that world look like for Phillip and Aurora? Or something where she pretends to be someone else, or one or the other of them, and insinuates her way into their lives that way.

abandonment, abandoned in space, aliens, breathplay, experimentation, gang bang, gang rape, hunter and hunted, isolation, loneliness, sex pollen, space horror, tentacle rape, trapped with monsters

Leonard McCoy/Original Male Romulan(s), /Original Male Vulcan(s), Tentacle Monster
I love McCoy, and I love his fear of space, and I would love having that fear be 100% justified for him. Any kind of space horror, ghost-starships, horrible science accidents, being alone in space except for hostile aliens/monsters, or anything like that would be great. Or being captured by the enemy! Either as revenge, or he's taken as a bargaining chip, or just gets stuck in some kind of awful Pon Farr/sex pollen situation that nobody was expecting. Or some sort of cultural misunderstanding/arranged marriage thing that goes wrong?

I would love anything that deals with her past, and her time growing up alone and hunted, or her feelings of isolation. I'd also love to see how those feelings continue to play into her life after she's found by the TOS crew! Or maybe something set in the future, where she thinks she's past it but something bad happens and it all comes rushing back to her? Or just general space horror - she's trapped by the enemy, or isolated again, and bad things happen. I would also love any kind of crazy science experiment gone wrong scenario! Or any of the McCoy prompts with her instead.

breathplay, controlling/possesive relationship, doppelgänger, dream invasion, enduring pain/rape/torture to protect another, forced bonding, forced deepthroat, grief/mourning, insanity, irresistible instincts/urges, mind meld, mind rape, mirror universe, mourning a death, self-sacrifice, sex pollen, sex-pollened character/non-sex-pollened character

Leonard McCoy/Spock
I would love anything with something going wrong on an away mission, especially anything that involves one of them sacrificing themselves for the other! I would also love something going wrong with Pon Farr, or sex pollen, or some other outside influence that leads to one of them hurting the other without actually meaning to. I also loved McCoy holding Spock's katra, and I would love something with McCoy thinking he needs to be mourning and not really having any idea what's going on in his head, or thinking he's insane, and the emotional fallout afterwards!

Leonard McCoy/Mirror Spock, Leonard McCoy/Mirror Spock/Mirror McCoy
I love Mirror, Mirror shenanigans, and I would love to see more of McCoy interacting with the Mirror characters! I would love something with McCoy stuck in the other universe, or something where he has to go back for some reason. I really love the idea of everything seeming familiar at first, and being totally different. I also like the opportunity for misuse of mind melds! And I also like the sense of isolation that comes from being stuck in an unfamiliar universe, and I would love anything that explores that. I also really love the idea of McCoy being confronted with the Mirror version of himself!

abuse of authority, aftermath of torture, alternate universe - dystopia, aroused by killing, bad guys win, breathplay, choking, grief/mourning, identity issues, interrogation, killing together, torture, wilderness survival

Wilhuff Tarkin
I just want Tarkin fic - more about him growing up on Eriadu! Or more about the start of his military career! Or more about his career during the Clone Wars, including that time he was caught and tortured! I would also love more of his relationship with Palpatine, or his attitude towards the Jedi and the Senate. Or something where he gets to hunt down rebels/separatists, or he's interrogating something, or just generally making life hell for somebody else. Or I'd love some sort of AU where the Death Star isn't destroyed for whatever reason - does the Empire still fall eventually, or do the bad guys win for real?

Darth Vader/Wilhuff Tarkin
I would love more of them - murdering people together, or discussing how to deal with ambitious Imperial underlings. I'd love anything with them just sort of talking around the fact that Tarkin once knew him as Anakin, or something where Vader finally admits it. I'd also love AUs - something where Tarkin survives the explosion of the Death Star, or the Death Star never explodes at all, or an AU where Vader is raising the twins in the Empire. I would also love something where Tarkin still dies and Vader is just really weird and obsessive about it afterwards.

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