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Crossovering 2017 Letter


I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr! I hope you are excited about the exchange ♥

Please disregard the prompts below if you already have an idea are just aren't inspired by them. I tried to offer general prompts that were easy enough to work with for fic or art, but for pretty much anything art-wise I also really like costume swaps and/or fusion redesigns.

Also feel free to use whatever characters/pairings you want - I limited myself to requesting fandoms where I'm interested in the whole of canon. I love slash, femslash, het & gen.

General Likes:
- gen/het/femslash/slash
- ratings from G to NC-17
- everything from gen to PWP
- action & adventure
- comedy
- tragedy
- mysteries
- backstories
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs
- bodyswap
- timeloops
- hurt/comfort
- domesticity
- holiday fic
- fluff
- team bonding
- huddling for warmth
- fake dating & accidental/convenience/forced marriages
- sex pollen
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- pining
- threesomes
- uniforms/costumes + costume redesigns + visual representations of powers
- magical realism/surrealism
- mind control
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage
- captivity
- violence
- deathfic
- torture
- choking
- scars & losing limbs
- corruption
- noncon/dubcon

General Dislikes/DNW:
- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging

Dollhouse/Sucker Punch
I think these two deal with similar themes, and I would really like to seem them combined, or see the characters interact with each other! Maybe after trying to kill her stepfather Babydoll is dropped off at a Dollhouse instead of the mental hospital, or maybe she chooses it as a way out? And then the alternate realities are how she perceives her missions? Or maybe Echo is permanently locked in the Attic, or sent to some Rossum home for defective dolls or similar, and the tiered layers of reality are how she experiences things there?

Hannibal/Rogue One/Silent Hill/Sucker Punch
For Silent Hill / Hannibal or Sucker Punch or Rogue One, I just would really love any of the characters ending up in Silent Hill, and Silent Hill shifting to shape itself around their various issues. There are a characters that really have earned a visit there, like Hannibal or Krennic, but I also really love it with the characters who just have massive guilt issues and are basically punishing themselves, like Will, Galen, Cassian, Jyn, Bodhi, and Babydoll. With the Sucker Punch girls, I think it could work as another level of reality at the hospital, just shifting over, and I think the same think would work with the Hannibal characters when any of them have been institutionalized. With the Rogue One characters, it could be the Ersos trying to find each other and finding themselves trapped, or Cassian trying to find them, or Bodhi trying to find someone in the Rebellion who would help him, or Baze trying to find Chirrut and not being sure what happened to him, or something like that.

For Hannibal/Sucker Punch, I would be interested in Hannibal being a truly awful therapist at the hospital? Like he's offering it up as charity work when he's really there to make things worse. Maybe something where Baby Doll just wants to escape with her friends, and Hannibal's like that's great, but wouldn't you feel a lot better if you murdered everyone instead? Alternatively, I'd love any sort of fusion with the characters on Hannibal hallucinating their way through different levels of reality around them as events unfold.

For Hannibal/Rogue One, LOL the really obvious suggestion here is a Galen/Hannibal swap? So maybe a version of events where instead of Galen it's Hannibal and he's straight mind-fucking Bodhi into doing what he wants. Maybe he eats Krennic? Maybe he was going to eat Krennic but accidentally got sort of possessive of him in the process? How does Jyn deal with her dad being a cannibal serial killer?

For Sucker Punch/Rogue One, I think it would be really interesting if the Scarif mission was one of the levels of reality Babydoll was experiencing! Or anything with the Sucker Punch girls being a part of the Rogue One team. Alternatively, I think some kind of fusion where Jyn is in similar position to Babydoll after seeing her parents murdered on Lah'mu and being taken by the Empire would be great, or something with Galen hallucinating while trying to deal with being in captivity on Eadu. Both movies focus really heavily on the idea of self-sacrifice for the benefit of others, and I'd love to see that explored!

Legends of Tomorrow/Timeless
I would love all sort of time-travel shenanigans! Maybe the two teams get into a fight over who's messing up the timeline worse? Or either team manages to mess things up so badly that the timeline is no longer recognizably their own, but is the other team's instead? Or maybe a crossover where the Legends come together initially because Lucy and the others are trying to pull together a team to take down Rittenhouse. Or maybe they meet up at a certain point in history, where they trip over each other in their attempt to fix something that's gone wrong?

The Good Place/Mean Girls/Rogue One
For the Good Place/Rogue One, I'd just really love any combination of the Rogue One characters stuck in a Bad Place neighborhood together. Maybe with altered memories of how they ended up there and who the others are? Or maybe a version of things where the team never actually came together in life, but maybe they figure out how to come together in the afterlife? Or, alternatively, I think Eleanor and Jyn have a lot in common and I'd love to see anything with them interacting. Maybe everyone from every universe ends up in the same place in the end? Or something more meta, maybe with Orson and Galen and the other Imperials as architects and the Rebellion is people who think the Bad Place is too cruel for the afterlife?

For Mean Girls/Rogue One, I mostly want Imperial bullying! Mostly because every time I see the .gif of Gretchen giving her speech about Julius Ceasar I think of Krennic and Tarkin. So maybe a fusion where they're all in some sort of Republic Academy and Mothma/Gerrera send Galen or Jyn or Cassian in to infiltrate the Imperial clique before they bring down Galactic civilization? Or something where Regina George is straight-up trying to take over the galaxy and Cady has to stop her?

For The Good Place/Mean Girls, I would love anything combining the two! Maybe Regina starts out in Michael's version of the Bad Place, but she's so good at making everyone miserable they eventually just give her Michael's job? Or I would just love any and all of the Plastics being in the same neighborhood as Eleanor and the others. I'd love them fighting with Tahani for position, or Eleanor figuring out that it's actually the Bad Place almost immediately given that they're there too.

Once Upon a Time/Star Wars - all media types
Star Wars is a Disney property, it's going to happen if OUAT runs long enough! I would love to see whatever slightly tweaked versions of the characters would end up in Storybrooke - either the characters from the Prequels, Clone Wars, the OT, TFA or Rogue One. What would their backstories be? What would their cursed versions be like? Are the Skywalkers ALSO related to Henry somehow? Or it could be something as simple as Emma finding a lightsaber in Gold's shop and freaking out over it. Or maybe Emma is the subject of a Jedi prophecy somehow? Or what if everything had started with Baelfire being thrown into the Star Wars universe instead of our own?

Rogue One/Snotgirl
Sometimes I keep myself up at night thinking about how if Krennic were a twenty-something lifestyle blogger he'd basically be Lottie Person??? So that's where this request comes from. I'd love something with Lottie trying to run the Death Star project, stressed out by the fact that Cutegirl and Normgirl won't stop bullying her about her progress and Sunny still isn't talking to her because she maybe-accidentally-on-purpose killed Charlene? Or the opposite, Krennic runs a respectably popular blog promoting his postmodern minimalist brand and spends all his free time trying to figure out how Tarkin has so many followers for a blog dedicated to fucking brutalism of all things??? Or maybe something with Lottie working in some mid-level position working in Imperial propaganda and being really put-upon about how stressful her work environment is?

Rogue One/Wonder Woman
I like the combination of these two movies in terms of their focus on hope, war and self-sacrifice! Maybe Themyscira is a planet hidden deep in the Unknown Regions, and it becomes Diana's mission to leave and save the wider galaxy? Or maybe something were AU versions of the Rogue One characters are fighting in WWI? Maybe she sets out to help Cassian kill Galen and stop the Empire, only to realize the situation wasn't what they thought it was? Or some sort of fusion where Jyn ends up taking on Diana's role? I'd also love something set far after the events of Wonder Woman, where Diana's roaming the multiverse for some reason and becomes involved in the events of the Scarif mission as it's happening.

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I would love some kind of fusion of the two - maybe in Star Trek: Beyond, instead of landing on a forested planet and finding Jaylah they land on a desert planet and find Rey? Or maybe a version of TFA where instead of finding Rey, BB-8 gets taken in and repaired by Jaylah, who also happens to be very strong in the force? Or I would love a direct crossover - something rips open a hole in space and time, and they meet! I would really love Rey, Finn and Poe hanging out on the Enterprise, maybe with some First Order threat hanging over their heads?

Star Trek: The Original Series/Pacific Rim
I would love this as some sort of fusion - maybe a universe where the Star Trek universe where the star fleet ships are so huge and complex, they require commanding officers to drift in order to properly pilot them? Maybe it's usually the Captain and the second-in-command, but something happens to Kirk or Spock or both and one of the others has to step in? Or a version of Pacific Rim where the Jaegers are starships and the kaiju are giant space dragons? Or I would love a direct crossover, maybe the Breach creates some kind of connection between the two worlds and the Gipsy Danger falls through it? Or maybe Mako joins up with the Jaeger division of Starfleet, a mostly abandoned project that comes back to new relevance with a new threat?

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