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Smutswap 2017 Letter

Hello, I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr! I'm very excited about this exchange, thank you for writing for me ♥

GENERAL NOTES: Unless otherwise specified, I don't have set preferences on who tops/bottoms/gives/receives or whatever for any of these pairings/kinks. Also unless otherwise specified, I like a lot of the same kinks whether they play out sweet and lovingly or whether they're forced/non-consensual, and regardless of the gender combination or whether it's written or visual.

I also didn't give specific prompts for each pairing + kink combo, mostly because the kink itself always feels like it is the prompt? But also because I would still be working on my sign-up by the time the exchange rolled around next year! I like all these kinks, though - I grouped them out by which ones seemed to logically fit the pairings the best, but if you see your favorite kink attached to a different pairing/fandom than what we matched on feel free to just use it! I'm also not very specific in how I like things - I mean, for choking/breathplay/asphyxiation, I can like it as a dominance thing, a trust thing, an endorphine/adrenaline release thing, a pain thing, or just as a straight-up murder attempt. For biting, I like it as part of an oral fixation, a loss of control, or as sadomasochism, or as an attempt to mark somebody. I like people being held down in non-con situations and in sweet and loving consensual sex.

Really, and of these pairings + porn is going to thrill me!

General Likes:
- oral sex/vaginal sex/anal sex/hand jobs, in any gender combo
- comedy
- tragedy
- fluff
- backstory
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs (aka all the evil/good characters get their morality flipped)
- bodyswap
- hurt/comfort (or all hurt, or all comfort)
- huddling for warmth/sharing a bed/we have to be physically intimate because reasons fic
- fake/undercover dating & accidental/arranged/forced/fake marriages
- sex pollen/force made them do it/aliens made them do it/pheromones
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- biting/bruises
- pining/fantasizing about having sex with somebody/having pornographic dreams about someone whether you like them or not
- uniforms/costumes/clothing generally kinks - gloves, boots, high heels, lingerie, ripping somebody's clothes off, clothed/naked sex, etc
- choking/asphyxiation/breathplay
- mind control/possession/hypnotism
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage - including gags/blindfolds/cuffs/ropes, or opportunistic use of belts/ties/scarves/stockings/whatever
- captivity, kidnapping, prison sex, stockholm/lima syndrome
- violence/torture
- dominance/submission
- invading the fuck out of somebody's personal space
- bloodplay, come, saliva, whatever weird alien slime you want in your tentacle porn
- weapons kink - gunplay, knifeplay, lightsaber play, swords, staffs, etc.
- gangbangs/public use
- aliens/xeno/tentacles
- deathfic/snuff
- scars/losing limbs
- corruption/redemption
- noncon/dubcon

General Dislikes:
- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging (to be clear - I don't consider any of the characters I requested to be underage)
- watersports/scat
- mundane AUs

Jessica/Simon, Jessica/Simon/Hal, Jessica/Barry, Jessica/Diana, Diana/Steve, Hal/Sinestro, Barry/Hal, Alan/Jay
accidental marriage, aftermath of torture, bondage, biting, breathplay, cape kink, comfort sex, costume kink, glove kink, held down, hypnotism, loyalty, mind control, oral fixation, rescue sex, rope bondage, self-sacrifice/enduring rape to save another, something made them do it, superpower sex, tentacles
I love all my superheroes so much! Both the lantern rings and Diana's lasso lend themselves really well to bondage, and I also really love playing around with the costumes/capes, both visually and as a tactile sensation. I also think all these pairings go well with self-sacrifice, or any kind of hurt/comfort or rescue sex. And one of the great things about comics is there's so many opportunities for one of a pairing getting possessed/hypnotized/mind controlled into doing awful things to their loved one - anything set in the periods where Jessica was possessed by Volthoom, or Hal was possessed by Parallax, or Alan was possessed by the Starheart would be amazing! Or honestly Sinestro really doesn't need a reason to do depraved things to Hal. There are also so many opportunities for aliens/mythological creatures/sex pollen made them do it, or they somehow end up accidentally married and have to consummate it because of either alien cultures or some obscure Amazonian custom. There's also a lot of opportunity for aliens, or tentacle monsters to get involved, or just ring construct tentacles? Or anything with supportive superhero bonding sex ♥

aftermath of torture, bathing/washing, caretaking, comfort sex, hair kink, fealty, finger sucking, height differences, kneeling, loyalty, neck kissing, oral fixation, rescue sex, seduction, self sacrifice/enduring rape to save another, sharing a bed, sharing body warmth, title/honorifics, undressing, victory sex
I am so happy Brienne finally found Sansa! I tend to see Brienne as a loyal person, and a person who needs somebody to be loyal to. And Sansa is definitely ready for somebody she can actually rely on, even if she's initially suspicious due to her prior experiences. I can also see Brienne being somewhat reserved with the people she serves, and Sansa eventually wanting to push things further, and just trying to get her into bed because it's so cold in the North, or whatever other excuse she can come up with. Or anything with them helping each other - Brienne helping Sansa with her bath/getting dressed or undressed/her hair or whatever because she feels like it's part of her obligations, or Sansa helping Brienne because she got injured/assaulted on her behalf - and having that intimacy be a lead-in to sex, like helping each other wash up. Really, any showing of loyalty/fealty would be great for this, as would them taking comfort in each other/celebrating after the war is finally over.

accidental marriage, bathing/washing, bondage, breathplay, clothed/naked sex, comfort sex, forced bonding, hair kink, hair braiding, hair washing, height differences, high heels, praise kink, sharing a bed, shower sex, skirt kink, something made them do it, soulmates, thigh-highs, wall sex
&Sexy Skyscraper; I love the two of them so much, and how Eleanor talks herself right into being into Tahani. I think the whole set-up of The Good Place lends itself really well to anything that plays with them being soul-mates, or getting into accidental marriages or soul bondings or having to bang because of some flimsy reason Michael came up with to mess with them. What if the demons get bored of Michael's experiment and they get stuck in normal hell? Or maybe some kind of hair kink thing that builds off that hair braiding scene? Eleanor wants to check out Tahani's sweet as hell shower/tub and things get sexy? Tahani wears high heels on top of already being like a foot taller than Eleanor and it's driving Eleanor to distraction? Or maybe Tahani's wearing thigh-high stockings under all those fantastic skirts of hers? And they both seem like they would get off hard on people praising them. I also like the idea of Eleanor being into bondage/breathplay/really anything even slightly edgier than vanilla sex and Tahani going, "Oh, I could never!" before immediately getting really into it.

Bodhi/Bor Gullet, Bodhi/Tentacles
begging, body horror, captivity, crying, forced orgasm, held down, humiliation, mind break, mind control, punishment, monsters, multiple orgasms, sex dreams, tentacles, rape, raped by monsters, torture, unwilling arousal, violence, vulnerability
Ahh, a canon tentacle monster to torment my favorites with ♥ So weird tentacle porn is the obvious prompt here! Maybe with overstimulation from handling all those appendages at once? I do also really enjoy that with the Bor Gullet it's a violation of both the mind and the body at the same time. So maybe something where Bodhi's slipping between memories of past sexual encounters and the current reality of the Bor Gullet fucking him? Or something where it can also force him to do things, or respond? Can it go so far as to actually re-write some of his memories or sexual interests? If Saw's people were around, were they just straight up ignoring him begging for help, or were they actively involved in making the torture worse? Or I would be down for future fic, where Bodhi survives Scarif! And then he immediately ends up captured by a different tentacle monster on his next mission for the Alliance.

Bodhi/Galen, Bodhi/Jyn, Bodhi/Luke
aftermath of torture, biting, bondage, captivity, caretaking, comfort sex, crying during sex, deepthroating, fantasizing, gratitude sex, lap sex, loyalty, neck kissing, pining, rescue sex, self sacrifice/enduring rape to save another, sharing a bed, sharing body heat, something made them do it, touch starvation
I grouped these together, because although they're different dynamics, I think they lend themselves to similar sorts of kinks. All of them have been through so much, so it's ripe for a lot of hurt/comfort sex, dealing with the aftermath of torture/trauma/Bor Gullet, self-sacrifice to save the other person, rescue, care taking, comfort sex & related style porn. I don't care who's the one getting hurt vs who is doing the comforting, especially because it's just as easy to write it as they're all getting hurt and all trying to comfort each other. I also really like any kind of pining, fantasizing about something a character thinks is never going to happen, daydreaming about better times while they're stuck in captivity, or any kind of bed sharing/body heat sharing/whatever trope excuse for intimacy that then leads to sex. I'm happy with both the unrelenting tragedy involved in most of these people dying, or I would also enjoy everybody lives (or only certain people live) fic! And Jyn and Galen were both extremely isolated for a long time, and Bodhi to a certain extent as well, so anything involving touch starvation/longing for intimacy would be great as well.

bondage, brainwashing, cape kink, clothed sex, corruption, deepthroating, desk sex, emotional manipulation, glove kink, handcuffs, hair pulling, held down, Lima Syndrome, mind games, obsession, possessive behavior, praise kink, redemption sex, rough kissing, Stockholm Syndrome
Ahhh this Shakespearean tragedy! I would like porn of them in any timeframe - the Program, after Krennic rescues the family from Vallt, or after Lah'mu. Or maybe something that happens in an AU where Galen survives the assault on the Eadu platform? Or an AU where his attempts at sabotage get discovered earlier, and they have to deal with the fallout of that? I love how manipulative and possessive Krennic is, even while in his own head he's re-writing their whole history as things he's done for Galen, and how by the end they're both playing mind games on each other, and how the situation has probably messed with both of their heads. Any kind of Lima/Stockholm/mind game take on that what would be amazing. I also really love Krennic's uniform, and all the authority he clearly draws from it. I'm also pretty confident Krennic has a praise kink and really gets off on being told how great he is, and I can see Galen alternatively indulging that, or deliberately withholding it, or using it to make him easier to deal with, depending on what stage of their relationship they're in. Or any kind of AU where one of them just gives in - Krennic manipulates Galen into finally giving up and just building the Death Star's main ray, or something where he actually listens to Galen and abandons the project.

Tarkin/Krennic, Darth Vader/Krennic, Darth Vader/Tarkin/Krennic
authority kink, autoerotic asphyxiation, biting, blood play, bondage, boot worship, cape kink, choking, dominance struggle, glove kink, deepthroating, face-fucking, hate sex, mind games, punishment, rival sex, rough oral sex, scars, weapons kink, verbal humiliation
I'm really into all the Imperial power games, struggles for dominance, and just general unrelenting pettiness. I think it could play out in a lot of different ways - I can see Krennic trying to fuck his way into greater influence, and maybe getting in way over his head with that. Or trying to drive a wedge between Vader and Tarkin and having that blow up in his face. Or just straight-up being punished for some failure, real or not. I can also see Krennic both getting off on the punishment and being pissed that he's getting off on it. I also really like choking! Vader force-choking him, or Tarkin choking him with his dick, or both of them taking turns. Or, if you want to turn the tables, what if Krennic finally does manage to get something to hold over Tarkin? Or some influence with Vader/Sheev? Or maybe Tarkin finally just admits that Krennic did something without completely fucking it up, and Krennic overreaches from there.

Darth Vader/Tarkin
arousal from killing, authority kink, autoerotic asphyxiation, blood play, breath play, bruises, choking, coming untouched, frottage, glove kink, obedience, loyalty, murder kink, psychopaths in love, scars, something made them do it, topping from the bottom, torture, victory sex, violence
I love them and their relationship around the Rogue One/OT era built on mutual respect and murdering people. I really like how Vader's both totally capable and willing to murder whoever the fuck he wants, whenever he wants, and the rest of the Empire seems to rightly fear him, except for Tarkin. With Tarkin, he does as he's asked. And man I just want porn of them. Mutually getting off on the successful mass murder/torture of their enemies? Vader fucking Tarkin with the force? ~Sexy~ choking? Like, does Vader even realize how many people he force chokes are getting off on it, or does Tarkin have to explain what's going on there? Hand jobs with those thick as hell gloves Vader wears? I am also great with Sheevs just waking up bored one morning and deciding to fuck with them and telling them they have to bang for Sith reasons. Or just sending them to a sex pollen planet or telling them to drink an aphrodisiac or something without bothering to explain anything and then things go from there. I'd also enjoy something set around the Clone Wars/Prequel Era, when Vader was still Anakin.

arranged marriage, authority kink, biting, brainwashing, breathplay, clothed/naked sex, compelled fealty, corruption, forced bonding, fuck or die, hair pulling, hate sex, height differences, kneeling, mind control, rough sex, something made them do it, wall sex, weapons kink, violence
I love this pairing, both as enemy shipping or some sort of premise where they end up on the same side. They have to get married for galactic peace because reasons? They're fighting, or Phasma's been captured and Rey's interrogating her, and Rey accidentally creates some kind of force bond? Some kind of sex pollen/fuck or die scenario where they absolutely have to bang, even if they don't like each other? Rey gets brainwashed/mind controlled and ends up working for the First Order against her will? Or maybe an AU where Rey was raised in the First Order and either ends up in the Knights of Ren and still has a conflicted relationship with the officers outside the knights, or she's a subordinate of Captain Phasma and really wants to fuck her boss? Visually, I love the height difference, I love Phasma's armor, and I love Rey fighting with both the staff and the light saber. Or Phasma just fucking Rey up against a wall for literally no reason, I want anything for this pairing!

Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston
bruises, captivity, clothed/naked sex, clothing kink, corruption, corsetry, costume kink, emotional manipulation, enemies to lovers, dress up, fantasizing, interrogation, Lima Syndrome, loss of control, redemption sex, sharing a bed, Stockholm Syndrom, tearing clothes, undercover as a couple, unwilling attraction
These two have so much chemistry it's fucking insane. I really love that they both have different ideas of their relationship, just because Garcia's living a different timeline of it than Lucy is. I also like the idea that Lucy is into him even though she knows she shouldn't be - I would be into their relationship pulled in either direction, either Lucy convincing him to be a better person or Flynn convincing her to go fucking crazy. I also think there's a lot of potential if his kidnapping her back during the revolution had lasted longer, in terms of doing something with Lima/Stockholm syndrome, or just anything to do with the dynamics of him keeping her captive. There's also so much potential for costume/clothing porn with them traveling through time - especially if they go back far enough, and with the corsets and everything she'd need his help getting dressed. I also loved the season finale, and I'd love anything that takes off from what we learned there - that comment he made about her aging well!! I would love Flynn having sex with older, future Lucy - what's she like? Does she see him as a kindred spirit in the fight against Rittenhouse? Or is she manipulating the hell out of him? Or how do things go when they meet again after Garcia's been taken into custody - does he hate her for betraying him? Or maybe if she helps break him out, does he come back around to trusting her?

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