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Chocolate Box 2017 Letter

Dear Chocolate Box Creator,

Thank you so much for offering one of these pairings that I love! I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day this year ♥

I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr.

I guess the most important thing is that I like gen and explicit romance/porn equally - for the most part I went with either a / or an & for my requests, but for all of these pairings I would be happy with either! I also like a wide range of romances, from sweet and innocent hand-holding to violent hatefucking. And as far as art goes, I like all styles and mediums, and I'm really happy with anything that has my pairings interacting. So I'm really looking forward to whatever you feel like writing/drawing! I gave some prompts below, but feel free to ignore them if you already have an idea of what you'd like to do for this exchange.

General Likes:
- gen/het/slash/femslash
- ratings from G to NC-17
- everything from plot-heavy gen to PWP
- action & adventure
- comedy
- tragedy
- mysteries
- backstories
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs
- bodyswap
- timeloops
- hurt/comfort
- domesticity
- holiday fic
- fluff
- team bonding
- huddling for warmth
- fake dating & accidental/convenience/forced marriages
- sex pollen
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- pining
- threesomes
- uniforms/costumes
- mind control
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage
- captivity
- violence
- deathfic
- torture
- scars & losing limbs
- corruption
- noncon/dubcon

General Dislikes:
- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging
- mundane aus

I love the DCU so much! Too much! It's been a problem both financially and in terms of storage space! Over the years I've found so many pairings I love and characters I want to see interacting. I lumped some of these pairings into general groups, just because otherwise this letter is going to end up a full blown novel, and that still wouldn't even scratch the surface of pairings I love in the DCU. Any combination of the characters mentioned would make me so happy.

JSA: Jay Garrick/Alan Scott, Kent Nelson/Alan Scott
The JSA is my favorite superhero team of all time, and I'm pretty confident I've read every available iteration of these guys, and I love them all. I love Jay/Alan and Kent/Alan set during their younger years when they're just starting out, or once they're more experienced in the Silver/Bronze Age Earth 2 comics. For the Johns-era comics, I love Jay/Alan and how absolutely rock solid their relationship is in the face of so much adversity. I'd would also like Kent coming back for some friendly haunting! For all three of them, I also really like how often they all end up getting possessed and how many issues that causes them.

JLA: Hal Jordan/Barry Allen, Jessica Cruz/Barry Allen, Jessica Cruz/Diana, Diana/Steve Trevor
I've loved Hal/Barry forever, and I love that they're carrying on the Flash/GL tradition started by their Golden Age forefathers. They're so cute together, and I like how well they fit despite being so different. I also really like the cosmic space/time aspect of their relationship! I've also loved Diana/Steve forever, and I love how completely and obviously into her Steve is, and I also love that aspect of their relationship where they're building a bridge between cultures. They're literally opening whole new worlds to each other! Jessica Cruz is my favorite new character in comics in the past few years, and I like how insecure she is, and how she nevertheless managed to conduct herself so well in the Justice League during the Darkseid invasion. She saved Barry! I love her with Barry, they're both so cute and supportive, and I'd also like her interacting more with Diana, who I think would be a great influence on her.

Lanterns: Alan Scott/Hal Jordan, Hal Jordan/Carol Ferris, Simon Baz/Hal Jordan, Hal Jordan/Thaal Sinestro, Hal Jordan/Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz/Jessica Cruz
So I guess Hal is my little black dress here? I like the relationship he has with Alan as a mentor, and how much Alan cares about him even when he's sort of fucking it up, like that time Alan went and fished him out of Purgatory even though Batman was pissed about it. I also love his relationship with Carol, and how they always end up coming back to each other, even after all the pain their cosmic adventures have caused them. I like his relationships with Jessica and Simon, and how they both look up to him as their more experienced elder, and how he has a lot of faith in their ability to handle being GLs despite even their own misgivings. I love his relationship with Sinestro, and how they went from friends to enemies to two people who can't seem to let each other go no matter how awful things get between them (that, and also all the space bondage). And I love Jessica/Simon, their entire relationship is amazing - I love how they complement each other's shortcomings, and how they both seem dedicated to figuring out the GL thing together. That, and they always seem so fully dedicated to helping each other out, whether it's ring adventures or just emotionally charged baking!

Magic Types: Madame Xanadu/Jim Corrigan, Madame Xanadu/Jason Blood, Phantom Stranger/Spectre, Phantom Stranger/Madame Xanadu, Madame Xanadu/J'onn J'onnz, Jason Blood/Bruce Wayne
I really love Madame Xanadu and how complicated her relationships can be. I loved her deep involvement with Corrigan, and her drive to protect him from the part of himself that is the Spectre. I loved her relationship with Jason in Demon Knights, and how it's never entirely clear who's side she's on, or if she's on both at the same time. I also really loved her relationship with J'onn in the Vertigo comic, and how they both realize there's something unearthly about the other without quite figuring out what, and I would love more of them teaming up to solve magic crimes! Or a story about how their experiences in the past would impact their interaction as straight-up superheroes in the present era. I also like her relationship with the Phantom Stranger, and how that disintegrates from lovers to enemies, at least on her part. I would also like to see her interacting with Cassandra Craft, given how much they have in common and their similar powers and shared relationships. I also enjoy the Phantom Stranger's fraught relationship with the Spectre, and I would like to see some resolution there! I always feel so badly for the Stranger, and how he's so often compelled to act as an antagonist even to those he cares about. For Jason Blood and Bruce Wayne, I love how Jason Blood ends up introducing the uncanny to Gotham, and I like their teamwork to fight crime, as well as the potential for Jason Blood to end up in trouble for things Etrigan has done.

I love this show, it honestly seems like something that was designed specifically to appeal to me. Young hot idealistic priest, older hot and jaded but still committed to his mission and his belief that he can save people priest, and all the heightened emotions that come with demon fighting! I'm so into it. I just need them being deeply, intensely into each other and not wanting to let the other one go. I'll take intense pining, intense guilt, one of them getting possessed and the other having to exorcize them, demons just generally calling them out for wanting to bang each other, intense personal sacrifices for each other, anything.

I spent so much time in the past doing boring as hell side quests just to buy time to emotionally prepare myself for the trauma in the main storyline ;_; I loved it so much, and I mostly want more of Lunafreya! I'm sad she was never a playable character, even for a little while, because I love that self-sacrificial character type.

I loved their relationship in Kingsglaive, and I would love something set as a missing scene in the movie. Alternatively, something where he survives wearing the ring and continues on the journey with Lunafreya to protect or, or something where he's too injured from the experience to protect anyone but she brings him along anyway, just because she doesn't want to leave him behind.

I want so much more about this pairing - how do you interact with somebody who is both your loyal handmaiden and also a literal goddess? How long has Lunafreya known? Did she always know? We get so little of them actually hanging out around each other in canon, and I want to know everything about how their dynamic works.

Brienne / or & Sansa
I waited so long for this to happen, I need more of them interacting than the show gave me! Brienne has been looking for Sansa for forever so that she can keep her promise to Cat, and I see her as the sort of person who has a deep-seated need for somebody to be loyal to. And Sansa started out with such romantic notions of knighthood, all of which seem to have been brutally knocked out of her. That, and she's spent the past few years being jerked around awfully by people claiming to have her best interests at heart. So how does she react to Brienne, who may not be the handsome young man she imagined as a young girl, but does seem honest and true and really does have her best intentions at heart? Is she still willing to believe in that anymore? Really, anything with Brienne playing the loyal knight to Lady Sansa is going to thrill me.

I nominated all these pairings with the pre-existing AO3 tags, but I know there are multiple English spellings for a lot of the names floating around and I just want you to know I don't care which spellings you use.

I love the vast, epic scope of this story, but I also love how even in the midst of the intergalactic war there's still space made for the characters to have quieter character-building moments as well. There are so many characters and relationships I love in this series, but I narrowed it down to a few here just to keep the letter from exploding in length.

At its core the whole series is about the interplay between these two, and they spend so much time reflecting on each other, but so little time actually face to face. I'd like something set either in that first meeting, or possibly an AU where Yang doesn't get assassinated when he goes to meet him for the second time. How would Yang have handled it if Iserlohn had been forcibly folded into the Empire? If Reinhard had shown enough commitment to democratic reform, would Yang have eventually agreed to work for the Empire? How would Yang have reacted if he'd been the one to outlive Reinhard?

I love how dramatically different both these men are and how they managed to form such a strong relationship, either because of their differences or in spite of them. I also really loved how the relationship started to fall apart in the second half of the series - first with their arguments over Reuenthal's treatment of Elfriede and their child, and then with the defection of Reuenthal's fleet. I'd like something set in any stage of their relationship!

I love these two, and how well their strengths seem to play off each other. I love how intense Schonkopf is about, well, everything, but most definitely including Yang, and how dedicated he is to Yang and how he's willing to roll with Yang's ideals even if he thinks Yang could do better. Something set early on after they first take Iserlohn would be great, or something set during the downtime of the invasion of the Empire, or something set right around that period where Schonkopf breaks him out of FPA custody.

I love this show and all the ever-shifting fairytale drama that comes along with it, and I hope it runs longer than Gunsmoke! I really appreciate that even after the plot has moved on, they usually spend at least a couple of episodes per season catching up with whatever some of the characters from past seasons are up to. I always want more &Mulan; and her relationships with characters she's befriended along the way!

Aurora/Mulan, Aurora/Mulan/Philip
Sleeping Warrior is one of the most hardcore OTPs I've had in a while. I love it both with just the two of them or with Phillip included, because I love that the show has established relationships between all three of them. I'd like anything where they meet again after Mulan has been away for a while and they reconnect, and possibly Mulan makes her feelings known? Or anything where Aurora is threatened and Mulan has to defend her!

I loved the episode about their adventures together in the past, and I want to see them going on more adventures together now! I feel like with all the non-stop drama in Belle's life it would make sense for her to end up going to Mulan for help, and the two of them growing closer as a result.

Star Trek: TOS is one of my oldest fandoms, and it and the characters mean so much to me. It was deeply influential on my eventual reading and viewing habits - so many tropes I was introduced to for the first time! I've seen the episodes so many times, and read literally hundreds of tie-in novels and zines, and basically grew up with the characters. I then I loved the new movies as well, and how bright they are and how they managed to revitalize the franchise, and I also really, really loved the new alien characters! They're so new, though, that there really hasn't been time for there to be tons of writing and art dedicated to them, but that's what I want! So what I want most is Jaylah and Gaila, and how they fit in with the rest of the Star Trek world.

Jaylah / or & Scotty
Ahh they pretty much made the most recent movie for me, and I want more of their relationship! I want them bonding over engineering, or something where they keep up with each other while Jaylah is in Starfleet. Or something set in the future when she's ready to join the Enterprise crew! I'd love episodic/mission fic for them, too.

Jaylah / or & Bones
Bones is my favorite, and I wanted more of him interacting with Jaylah in the movie! I think he's probably very sympathetic to the loneliness of her situation, and I can see him starting out being very kind to her and then getting increasingly frustrated with her when she insists on running around even with a busted leg or the space flu or whatever. He specifically went out of his way to learn a totally new alien anatomy to fix her, and now she's going to go undo all that hard work by busting herself up again!

I want more of them being friends at the Academy! Or, if you assume Gaila dies in the first movie, something with Uhura processing her grief and sense of loss. If you assume Gaila survives the first movie, then I want them reconnecting after being separated by work for a long time! Maybe they work it out so Gaila can be transferred to the Enterprise?

Bonding over what it's like to be aliens in Starfleet! Bonding over their mutual love of the Enterprise crew! How do they express love in their different cultures? Or anything where they're both assigned to the Enterprise and get to go on missions together.

This movie! I loved this movie, and I've read both the novelization and Catalyst, and I just want more. The canon so far is just not enought to slack my thirst for these people.

These two literally got a book dedicated to their relationship, and I still want more! I want to read anything and everything about them, from something relatively charming set in their time during the Futures Program to a horrifying waking nightmare for poor Galen set after Lah'mu. Poor Galen, but I really enjoy how even after tricking him into building a deathray, killing his wife, and permanently separating him from his kid, Krennic is still completely convinced that he's a great boyfriend and there is absolutely no valid reason for Galen to not love him.

This relationship is so insanely important to both of their characters, and I wish we'd gotten to see some of it play out onscreen. So I would like more about how they met and how Galen convinces Bodhi to defect! How long did they know each other before Bodhi left to find Jyn? Was he already freaking out about working for the Empire, or did Galen have to convince him the Empire is evil? Did it take Galen a while to trust that somebody being nice to him was actually a decent person and not just trying to con him into building a deathray, or is he such a softy he opened up to Bodhi immediately? I can also see Galen feeling really torn about encouraging Bodhi to defect because he knows how dangerous it is and he doesn't want Bodhi getting hurt. I would also love an AU where they both survive somehow!

Bodhi & Jyn
I was bummed they got so little interaction in the movie, when their respective relationships to Galen were both so crucial to the way things went down. So I'd like more of them interacting! Maybe more with them both processing their grief after Galen died? Or a canon-divergence AU where Galen sent Bodhi to go look for her earlier? How does Jyn react to meeting someone who's had the chance to get to know her father while she's been forcibly separated from him? And how does Bodhi react to meeting this person who he's probably heard a ton about, but only five-year-old her, not adult her? Or, how do they both relate as people who both weren't into the Rebel Alliance at first and had to be convinced?

(Anonymous) 2017-01-22 01:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello, I hope it's alright for me to ask you a question? I see you have some quite dark likes too, for example:

- captivity
- violence
- deathfic
- torture
- scars & losing limbs
- noncon/dubcon

I wanted to ask you how you'd feel with fanart about any of those, or if you'd prefer them only for fic because of the graphic element?

(Anonymous) 2017-01-24 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
Wonderful! ♥

I think your letter is totally fine, as it is. :) That was just me wanting to make sure that I got it right, as I know of some people being OK with graphic in one media but not in both.