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Gen Exchange 2017 Letter


I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr, and I'm very excited to see what you create for these characters! Please feel free to disregard the prompts if you already have an idea, I like a really wide variety of fic and I'll be into whatever you do.

General Likes:
- action & adventure
- comedy
- tragedy
- mysteries
- backstories
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs
- timeloops
- hurt/comfort
- domesticity
- holiday fic
- fluff
- team bonding
- huddling for warmth
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- uniforms/costumes + costume redesigns + visual representations of powers
- magical realism/surrealism
- mind control
- ghosts & hauntings
- captivity
- violence
- deathfic
- torture
- choking
- scars & losing limbs
- corruption

General Dislikes/DNW:
- mundane aus

Rick Flag & Tatsu Yamashiro
They clearly have history together based on the movie, but we don't really get to see what it is! I'd like either backstory for them, or something about how their working relationship changes after the movie.

Isabel Maru & Diana
I'd love to see anything with Diana following up after her after the end of the movie - can she convince her to become a better person? Or is Maru way too far gone for that?

Cassandra Anderson & Joseph Dredd
I loved their relationship in the movie so much - I'd love more of them working cases together, or something that compares/contrasts their different pasts and approaches to the job.

Cassandra Anderson & Clan Techie
I'd like to see more of what happened to Clan Techie after the movie, or more about how Anderson's abilities played into how she reacted to him and his situation.

Cassandra Anderson & Madeline Madrigal
I'd love to see more of the two of them interacting, or more of Cassandra getting in her head and really hating every second of it. What if she'd escaped in the end, and they had to hunt her down?

Clan Techie & Madeline Madrigal
How did she first get her hands on him, and what was life for him like under her control? How does he react once she's died? Or what would have happened to him if she'd lived?

Jessica Cruz & Simon Baz
I love their partnership so much - I would love to see more of their adventures together, either in space or on Earth, or I would also love to see more of them interacting with their families.

Galen Erso & Jyn Erso
I would love more of Jyn growing up, or an AU of what their relationship would have been like if they hadn't been separated. Or something about her thoughts about him as she's growing up, or an AU where they got to meet again for longer before he died.

Galen Erso & Bodhi Rook
I'd love more about how they met, how Galen got him to defect, or anything! Or maybe an AU where Galen survives, what would it be like if they got to meet up again?

Galen Erso & Saw Gerrera
I'd love more about what Saw thought of him when he first set him up on Lah'mu, or how he felt about him after being left with Jyn. How did he feel after seeing the message? What if they'd ever met again in person?

Lyra Erso & Saw Gerrera
Again, I'd love to know more about their initial meeting, and how Saw got so involved in their family in the first place. I'd also love an AU where Lyra survives to be rescued by him along with Jyn.

Lyra Erso & Orson Krennic
Man I love these two - I'd love more about what they think of each other back on Coruscant, when they're both trying to be civil for Galen's sake, or something where they both survive the confrontation on Lah'mu.

Lyra Erso & Jyn Erso
I'd love either more about Jyn's childhood, or some sort of AU where Lyra survives and is able to raise her. That, or I'd love something about what Jyn remembers about her mother as an adult.

Bodhi Rook & Jyn Erso
I'd love more of them bonding over or just talking about their shared experiences of Galen, Saw, or Jedha, or how they'd adjust to life in the Rebellion if they'd survived.

Setsuna & Serenity
I would love to see more of how Pluto interacts with her old sovereign! Was Setsuna ever tempted to mess with time to fix things? What drove her loyalty despite how lonely and taxing her position was?

Setsuna & Chibiusa
I'd love to see more of their relationship in Crystal Tokyo! Just slice of life would be great. Or more of their relationship after the events of SMR, or how they interact together once Setsuna's resurrected.

Setsuna & Usagi
How does Setsuna feel about her new queen versus her old one? Or how does she react to seeing the Usagi of the present when she's more used to the Neo Queen Serenity? How does she feel about her as a leader?

Setsuna & Hotaru
How does Setsuna feel about raising a child she'd originally intended to destroy? And how does Hotaru feel about being raised by the Outers? What's their family life like?

Setsuna & Minako
These two barely interact at all in the series, which is sad because they're my two favorites, so I'd like to see more of what they're like together. They both seem to be very lonely due to their positions, maybe they can bond over that?

Setsuna & Haruka & Michiru
I'd love to see either a look at how the three of them worked together as outer senshi back in the days of the Silver Millennium, or more about their life living together in SMS and afterwards.

Christine Chapel & Leonard "Bones" McCoy
I'd love to see more of them being friends, maybe solving medical mysteries together, or just gossiping about other people on the Enterprise. I'd also love them as part of any kind of landing party.

Christine Chapel & Nyota Uhura
They're always so cute hanging out in the background of episodes together, I want more of them hanging out in the foreground! I'd love them going on a mission together, or maybe talking about their past with one and other?

Leonard "Bones" McCoy & Nyota Uhura
Again, I'd absolutely love them going together on a mission, or something where one of them has to use their respective areas of expertise to help rescue the other one.

Eli Vanto & any Chiss
I want to see how Eli gets along with the Chiss! What's they're society like? Is he just reminded of Thrawn all the time? What kind of future is there for him?

Eli Vanto & Thrawn
I'd love more of these two! What happened to Eli that stops him from being in Rebels? Or I'd love to see something with them solving mysteries, or meeting up again after it turns out Thrawn is totally not dead.

Arihnda Pryce & Wilhuff Tarkin
I'd love more of these two - more of Pryce trying to get ahead without getting herself killed, more of Tarkin figuring out the best way to get the most use out of her!

Amber & Blondie
They seem to have a pretty tight pre-existing friendship before the movie, so how did they meet? How much do they know about each other's pasts? What would have happened if they'd survived?

Amber & Baby Doll
I love how quickly the two of them got attached, and I'd love more scenes of them interacting in between the events of the movie, or a version of what they were like in one of the alt realities.

Baby Doll & Blondie
I'd love more of Baby Doll winning her over, or some alternate version of what their relationship was like in one of the alternate realities, or what would have happened if Blondie hadn't died.

Baby Doll & Sweet Pea
I'd love to see what would have happened if they'd escaped together, or just Sweet Pea out in the real world reflecting on her past relationship with BabyDoll. Or, again, what were they like in one of the other realities?

Gorski & Blondie | Gorski & Amber | Gorski & Baby Doll
I'd love to see more of the girls' pasts, and to what extent Gorski shaped them, and what life was like for them on any level of reality. Blondie seems to trust her despite not being a super open person, so where did that level of trust come from? Or I'd love more focus on the dancing.