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AU Exchange 2017 Letter


I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr! I hope you are excited about the exchange ♥

Please disregard the prompts below if you already have an idea are just aren't inspired by them! Also, for this one I just prompted for the AUs themselves, just because I though trying to do it by pairing and AU was going to get a little out of hand? But just slot in whatever pairing/character you like with which prompt!

I also really love gen, het and femslash. For the pairings listed, I like them all either as friendships/rivalries or as actual romantic relationships, so please feel free to write gen even if theres a / in there. Also, for the more explicit stuff mentioned in the general likes, I don't have any hang-ups about what gender is top/bottom or whatever.

General Likes:
- gen/het/femslash/slash
- ratings from G to NC-17
- everything from gen to PWP
- action & adventure
- comedy
- tragedy
- mysteries
- backstories
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs
- bodyswap
- timeloops
- hurt/comfort
- domesticity
- holiday fic
- fluff
- team bonding
- huddling for warmth
- fake dating & accidental/convenience/forced marriages
- sex pollen
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- pining
- threesomes
- uniforms/costumes + costume redesigns + visual representations of powers
- magical realism/surrealism
- mind control
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage
- captivity
- violence
- deathfic
- torture
- choking
- scars & losing limbs
- corruption
- noncon/dubcon

General Dislikes/DNW:
- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging
- mundane aus

Relationship: Diana Prince/Steve Trevor (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana Prince/Sameer (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana Prince/Mera (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana Prince/Arthur Curry (DCEU)
Relationship: Rick Flag/June Moone (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana Prince/June Moone (DCEU)

AU: Steve Trevor survives the events of the WW movie (DCEU)
I would love something where he survives! He survives and he and Diana are fluffy and happy together, he survives and they have to hunt down an escaped Maru before she hurts anyone else, or he survives and they have to deal with the tragic inevitability of more war together with the rest of his friends. I'd love this set in the past, or if he somehow becomes full immortal and is around in the present as well.

AU: Diana doesn't leave the island until the modern day (DCEU)
What does the world look like if Diana never interfered in WWI? Or, assuming things end fairly similar due to the nature of mankind, how does she act during the events of the other movies if she's brand new and just showed up ready to fix things, unlike the more jaded Diana who hangs back and is more willing to let humanity deal with its own issues? How does it change her relationship with the others?

AU: Diana never stops being a superhero (DCEU)
What if, instead of withdrawing from the world, she'd kept up being a public superhero? Becoming more and more famous in the process, so that she can't be ignored? How does that change the lives of her friends from her movie? Or how does it change the approach Bruce, Clark and the other heroes take in the future?

AU: Diana is from Atlantis instead of Themyscira (DCEU)
I'd like to see a take on Diana who still has her powers and her fish out of water approach to the modern world she's entering, but with a different background and for different reasons! How does it change her approach? And I would also love to see her have a pre-existing relationship with the other Atlantean characters.

AU: The Enchantress wins and takes over the world (DCEU)
I really love Bad Ends, so what would have happened if she'd won at the end of the movie? Does she keep her former teammates around to torment? Do the non-Suicide Squad heroes manage to put together some kind of resistance? What is life like for mankind under her control? What kind of world does she shape with all of her power?

AU: Diana finds June before Waller does after she's possessed by the Enchantress (DCEU)
So, Diana is more knowledgeable than most people in the modern world about magic, and she deals in antiquities, so what if she'd been the one to find out about June and her impression of the Enchantress? Would she try to help her, and how so? Would she be successful, or would things just end up worse? Would Waller try to take June from her?

Relationship: Aurora/Mulan (OUAT)
Relationship: Belle/Mulan (OUAT)
Relationship: Belle/Emma Swan (OUAT)
Relationship: The Black Fairy | Fiona/Belle(OUAT)
Relationship: Emma Swan & Rumplestiltskin | Mr Gold (OUAT)
Relationship: The Black Fairy | Fiona & Rumplestiltskin | Mr Gold (OUAT)

AU: Belle is a free citizen of Storybrooke during the First Curse (OUAT)
What kind of person would she be? Was she always going to be Lacey, or would she have had a different personality without Regina's direct interference into the curse's workings? Would Gold remember her? What would their relationship be like if he recognized she was alive from the start of the series? How does she interact with the other people in the town?

AU: Fiona is never banished to the Dark Realm (OUAT)
I'd love something where she's never banished just because she manages to slip away and she's still a villain, or something where she isn't banished because she decides not to use dark magic to severe her son's destiny. What happens to her and Rumple if she never has to leave? What about her relationship with her husband?

AU: Mulan is the cursed princess and Aurora is the traveling warrior (OUAT)
I would love a role reversal AU! What kind of warrior does Aurora make? What's Mulan's backstory in this version? Does Mulan ever admit her feelings if it's turned around like this? I'd also love to see what impact the change would have on the wider story. Is Mulan still the one cursed, or is it still warrior Aurora who ends up asleep?

AU: Belle ends up traveling with Mulan after the Yaoguai (OUAT)
I'd love a version of events where they end up traveling and going on adventures together! Do they still go find Aurora? Or does Regina still try to entrap Belle, and if so do they all manage to defeat her together? If Regina does capture Belle, does Mulan somehow get sucked into things too and end up in Storybrooke during the first curse?

AU: Rumple ends up raising Emma during the First Curse (OUAT)
So if Rumple managed get Emma away from Snow and Charming and the first curse still happens, what kind of savior does he raise her to be? What impact does it have on the town? Do her parents ever find out? What does Emma do when she finds out? How does he get around her lie detector powers?

AU: Rumple is never resurrected (OUAT)
So what happens to everybody if he stays dead? What happens with Zelena, what happens with the Black Fairy, what happens with all these villains that have such deep ties to him? What does Belle end doing with her life without him? What happens with Baelfire? Does the Dark One manage to find a new host somehow?

Kendra Saunders (Arrowverse)
Amaya Jiwe (Arrowverse)
Caitlin Snow (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Slade Wilson/Shado Gulong (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Kendra Saunders/Ray Palmer (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Amaya Jiwe/Courtney Whitmore (Arrowverse)

AU: The whole JSA ends up time-traveling with the Legends (Arrowverse)
I'd like adventures with the whole JSA team! What ends up going down with the Spear of Destiny? How do the various JSA members interact with the various Legends? Do they decide to keep up the time travel, or do they go back after they've figured things out with the Spear? Do any of the Legends join up with them?

AU: Shado doesn't die on Lian Yu (Arrowverse)
Shado lives! What does that mean for her and her relationships with Slade and Oliver? Does her surviving help Slade handle the effects of Mirakuru, or is he far too gone for that? What does she do after the island? Does she help Oliver with his goals, or does she have her own to pursue?

AU: Caitlin doesn't turn into Killer Frost when using her powers (Arrowverse)
What happens with Caitlin if she has more control over her powers? Does she embrace being a superhero in those circumstances, or is she still reluctant to be a fighter? How much control can she develop? What impact does it have on her relationships with the rest of the gang?

AU: Kendra never leaves the Legends team (Arrowverse)
I'd love an AU where she never leaves! How do things go with Ray? How do things go with her other teammates? How does she end up getting along with Amaya, or anyone else from the JSA for that matter? Does it change whatever she was up to in Doomworld? How much does her presence end up changing how things go with the Spear?

AU: Caitlin is a ghost (Arrowverse)
What if she dies at the beginning of the series during the explosion, and she's a ghost haunting the labs? Does she even realize at first? Or does she realize Wells isn't who he says he is and tries to warn Barry and the others? Or maybe she dies at some later point in the series but for some reason her spirit stays behind.

AU: Kendra isn't a reincarnation of Chay-Ara (Arrowverse)
I'd love any different take on this. Maybe Carter is crazy and trying to tie her into his delusion, or it's a trick Savage is playing on both of them for some reason? Or I'd love a version of the backstory where the reincarnation never comes into it and she's someone from Thanagar - does she come to Earth for a reason? Does she grow up on Earth and not realize she's an alien? Or what if they think she's a reincarnation of Chay-ara, but she's actually someone else from the past?

Adelle DeWitt (Dollhouse)
Laurence Dominic (Dollhouse)
Bennett Halverson (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Adelle DeWitt/Laurence Dominic (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Adelle DeWitt/Echo (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Caroline Farrell/Bennett Halverson (Dollhouse)

AU: Rossum puts everyone in the Attic (Dollhouse)
I would just really love to see whatever horror show they're all going through if they all get caught and trapped by Rossum before the world ends, especially if their nightmares are bleeding into each other! Do they gang up and escape? Or do all their old grievances get in the way?

AU: Adelle is an imprint (Dollhouse)
She's so good at her job, and so very dedicated to running her Dollhouse! So what would happen if she were an imprint? How do the others react when they find out? How does she react when she finds out? If she's a doll, who did she use to be before, and what happens to her when society falls?

AU: Bennett isn't injured/left behind while bombing Rossum (Dollhouse)
Either she escapes with Caroline on the run, or their infiltration is successful and she stays undercover! What would have happened to them then? Would they have both been caught together? How would she react to seeing Echo/Caroline again if she didn't feel like she'd been betrayed?

AU: Bennett isn't killed (Dollhouse)
What if Bennett had survived? How would her relationship with Echo and/or Caroline have evolved if she'd had more time? What would she have been able to accomplish if she was working with the others against Rossum? Could she have figured out a way to save the day, or would she have just caused even more damage?

AU: Dominic isn't caught as the spy (Dollhouse)
So what was his endgame, anyway? Does his mission help stop the end of the world, or is it all futile? How does Adelle react if she doesn't find out about until things have already gone south? What if he had managed to team up with Echo at some point? I'd also love just an alternate version of him being caught out.

AU: Dominic is sent on missions imprinted in a doll's body (Dollhouse)
I'd just really like Adelle fucking with him, or maybe she decides to turn on Rossum sooner and she needs his experiences as somebody who she doesn't so much trust but at least believes hasn't been influenced by Rossum? How much of his memories would she let him keep? How would he handle being in foreign bodies all the time?

Kendra Young (Buffy and Angel)
Rupert Giles (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Buffy Summers/Kendra Young (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Drusilla & Kendra Young (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Buffy Summers & Rupert Giles (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Jenny Calendar/Rupert Giles (Buffy and Angel)

AU: Kendra isn't killed by Drusilla (Buffy and Angel)
How does the rest of the series go if Buffy has somebody to help her? How does Kendra end up surviving in the first place? What kind of slayer does she end up being? Do she and Buffy split up and cover different areas, or do they both stick around the Hellmouth?

AU: Kendra is turned into a vampire by Drusilla (Buffy and Angel)
What happens when a Slayer gets turned into a vampire? What kind of vampire is she? What makes Drusilla decide to turn her? How does Drusilla react, and how do the other vampires? What happens to Buffy and the rest of them if they lose and ally and get another villain in return?

AU: Giles is turned into a vampire (Buffy and Angel)
I'd like to see him turned into a vampire at pretty much any point in the series! I've read a few AUs like this and I love them all. How does him being turned affect Buffy and the others? Can he hide it for a while? What kind of vampire is he? Can they manage to shove his soul back in him? Does the Council get involved?

AU: Jenny isn't killed by Angelus (Buffy and Angel)
How does the rest of the season go? How does her relationship with Giles and the rest of the gang develop over time? Does she stay in Sunnydale, or does she end up leaving once the Angelus situation is handled? I'd love to see her placed in any of the future seasons.

AU: Slayers have telepathic/empathic bonds with their Watchers (Buffy and Angel)
So what happens if Buffy and Giles have a connection like this! Does it affect how long they take to connect to each other? Does it make their initial relationship easier, or harder? What happens after Buffy dies (either time) if they've got this connection in place? Or, what does it mean for Kendra if she's got this connection even on her own in Sunnydale?

AU: Buffy loses her powers after Kendra is called (Buffy and Angel)
I'd love an AU where when the power of the slayer is transferred to Kendra, it's permanently left Buffy. Does the council keep Kendra away and Buffy and the gang have to hold down the Hellmouth with no powers? Or does Kendra come because it's such a demonic hot zone, and they have to deal with trying to help her even though she doesn't really want their help at all?

Bodhi Rook (Star Wars - Canon)
Jyn Erso (Star Wars - Canon
Relationship: Darth Vader/Wilhuff Tarkin (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Galen Erso & Jyn Erso (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Lyra Erso & Jyn Erso (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Galen Erso/Lyra Erso (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Galen Erso/Orson Krennic (Star Wars - Canon)

AU: The Death Star isn't destroyed at the end of ANH
So what happens to the Empire? What happens to Tarkin's career, and what happens to Darth Vader? Does anyone from the Rebellion manage to survive? Do they survive and fix the sabotage, or does Galen's message just never make it to the right people?

AU: Rogue One characters survive their mission
Or one of them survives, or a couple of them survives, either way is good with me! How do they handle their grief? How do they slot back into the Rebellion? Or do any of them bail, after the Death Star is destroyed and they think their part is done?

AU: Bodhi is secretly a tentacle monster (Star Wars - Canon)
But how does this affect his relationship with Bor Gullet??? Or anyone else! Who knows his secret? Does he tell Galen? How does he hide his secret tentacles from the Empire? Has he always been like that or did some weird tentacle symbiont do something to him? Xeno??? What's he do with all those tentacles?

AU: Darth Vader raises the twins in the Empire (Star Wars - Canon)
What kind of people does he raise them to be? How does everyone else in the Empire relate to them? Does he tell them anything about their mother? How do they fit into the Sith hierarchy? What happens with Leia's powers if she's actually encouraged to develop them? And what happens to Galactic history if they aren't on the Rebellion's side?

AU: Galen convinces Krennic to defect (Star Wars - Canon)
There are a lot of points where this could happen - back when the Empire first takes over, and Galen just convinces him to leave? Or maybe instead of fleeing to Lah'mu, he tries to get Krennic to change his ways? Or maybe later on Eadu, or after he's discovered, he manages to convince Krennic that Tarkin's just going to kill him anyway?

AU: Galen doesn't die on Eadu (Star Wars - Canon)
If Krennic takes him alive on Eadu, what happens to him? Or if Jyn and Cassian manage to grab him, how does that affect his relation ship with Jyn and/or Bodhi? How to the various people in the Rebellion end up reacting to his presence? What does he end up doing with his life after the

AU: Krennic finds Jyn on Lah'mu and captures her (Star Wars - Canon)
Does he raise her to be loyal to the Empire? Does he just ignore her and let Galen raise her as a reward for good behavior? What kind of person does she grow up to be in that environment? How does it change her relationship to Krennic and her father? And how does it affect the plans for the Death Star?

AU: Lyra doesn't die on Lah'mu (Star Wars - Canon)
Does she get captured along with Galen, or does she go with Jyn instead? How does that end up affecting her relationships with her husband and/or Jyn? And how does it change the course of the Rebellion if she survives?