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Captive Audience 2017 Letter

Hello, I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr! Please feel free to ignore the prompts if you know what you want to write already, I'm very big into Stockholm/Lima and so anything you write it going to be right up my alley :D

I love all of these as romantic/sexual pairings, but I would also love any of them with more platonic/familial feelings of affection being developed. Both those takes on it satisfy the narrative kink I'm looking for in my Stockholm/Lima! Also, unless I messed up somewhere I marked all these as being down for Lima or Stockholm, and being fine for Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Major Character Death, or No Archive Warnings Apply.

For Stockholm, I like it a lot of different ways - I like it when the captor is nice to them (at least relatively speaking) and they just sort of forget that it's their captor's fault they're in the position in the first place, I like it when they're still mad and know they shouldn't but they're so lonely they can't help themselves, and I also like it when the poor victim is just straight mind-fucked into affection through brainwashing/drugs/magic or whatever. For Lima, I think being responsible for keeping someone alive can do a lot to build these positive feelings even if they've captured them or locked them up for a reason, or there's the more Hannibal-esque approach, where the captor is just so obsessed with seeing someone break apart that they lose track of things and then can't bear to see that person actually gone.

For both, I like it when the 'good' person convinces the 'evil' person to be better, and I also like it when the 'good' person is convinced to just give in and do whatever they/their captor wants no matter how vile it is.

- slash/femslash/het or whatever, with any gender combination in terms of who's doing what
- empathic bonds
- touch starvation
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- biting/bruises
- pining/fantasizing about having sex with somebody/having pornographic dreams about someone whether you like them or not
- uniforms/costumes/clothing generally kinks - gloves, boots, high heels, lingerie, ripping somebody's clothes off, clothed/naked sex, etc
- choking/asphyxiation/breathplay
- mind control/possession/hypnotism
- ghosts & hauntings
- corruption/redemption
- bondage - including gags/blindfolds/cuffs/ropes, or opportunistic use of belts/ties/scarves/stockings/whatever
- captivity, kidnapping, prison sex
- violence/torture
- dominance/submission
- invading the fuck out of somebody's personal space
- bloodplay, come, saliva
- weapons kink - gunplay, knifeplay, lightsaber play, swords, staffs, etc.
- gangbangs/public use
- scars/losing limbs
- deathfic/snuff

- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging
- watersports/scat
- mundane AUs

Thaal Sinestro captures Hal Jordan/Barry Allen
There are so many options here - Sinestro is so very confident that he's right all the time, and I would love him capturing Hal and Barry and not resting until he's satisfied that they agree. I'd also love to see him using their friendship against them, as a punishment/reward type thing. And he's already very intense about Hal, how does he adjust to having Barry around? Does he keep him at first mainly just to keep Hal in line, but then ends up getting obsessive about him too? I love the normal DCU, and I also think this scenario would lend itself really well to the Injustice versions of them as well!

Adelle DeWitt captures Laurence Dominic
I would love anything with them both hating on each other and also being extremely obsessed with each other after he's been caught! What if she hadn't put him in the attic? What if she put his imprint in dolls all the time to fuck with him? Or what if she just straight up reprogrammed him as a doll, and then got emotionally compromised in the process? Or maybe something with him just hallucinating in the Attic? Or what about after he's been let out of the Attic, and he's still following her orders even though he's furious? Or what if he hadn't been caught as the spy so early, and she'd only found out about his betrayal later?

Adelle DeWitt captures Echo
Adelle already has this wonderful weird thing built into her, where she can be stone cold vicious to people, forcing them or coercing them into becoming dolls, and then she has this completely different soft attitude to the dolls themselves. Maybe something that deals with the difficulty of balancing Echo's own emotions at being trapped in the Dollhouse with the various feelings some of her imprints have towards Adelle? Or something with Adelle forcing Echo to stay within the Dollhouse or work within her own plans even after Echo's clearly self-aware.

Adelle DeWitt captures Sierra
This is very similar to the above, what with her having a weird approach to her dolls and to what extent she's willing to see them as people. Maybe something where she ends up imprinting Sierra with a personality that has positive feelings for her, either as a lover or a protective replacement head of security or something, and something of those memories stay with Sierra even once she's Priya again and has to balance it with the feelings of being trapped? Or maybe something that ties Sierra's thoughts about the Dollhouse in with her thoughts about Adelle herself?

Caroline Farrell captures Bennett Halverson
I would love so many takes on this - either early on, something where Caroline straight up kidnaps Bennett and is then maybe a little taken aback by how into it Bennett is? Or what if Bennett had already been more involved in Rossum when Caroline tries to honey trap her? I would also love something set later where Caroline's already emerged in Echo and kidnaps Bennett both to stop her and as some sort of way of making amends, or just trying to get her to help stop the apocalypse. For later I would really love any level of Echo v. Caroline you want to go with.

Bennett Halverson captures Echo
I'd be really interested in this as either all Echo or all Caroline or some combination of both of them. But I would love Bennett capturing her to get her revenge! And they maybe easing up on it as time goes on? Maybe she's just happy to have her back in her life after a while, even if Echo is maybe kind of pissed about the torture? I would also love an AU where Bennett first meets her as Echo in the Dollhouse while reprogramming her or something, and gets drawn in by her then. Maybe because of interest in her emergent personality?

Eobard Thawne captures Eddie Thawne
Oh maaaan I wish these two had interacted more, given their relationship and how messed up it is! I would love Eobard as Wells capturing him early on at some point, and Eddie just being confused as hell as to what's going on and why Barry's mentor guy just went crazy and kidnapped him. Maybe Eddie doesn't know what their relationship is at first and is horrified to find out? Or something later, with Eobard creating some kind of time shift to save Eddie to save himself, and ends up keeping him captured and isolated somewhere.

Leonard Snart & Mick Rory capture Barry Allen | Lenard Snart captures Barry Allen
Or I would love anything where they (or just Snart) kidnap and try to turn him into a member of the Rogues. Maybe they were going to mind control him into helping them get away with heists, and then felt bad about it after a while? Or maybe an role-reversal AU where they're the cops and Barry is a speedster thief who gets caught? Or they just want to catch him for long enough to stop him from disrupting a job but things get out of hand? Or maybe they capture him and force him to come with them to fix all the damage to the time-stream?

Savitar captures Iris West
Evil Barry! I would love something where he kidnaps her, with absolutely all the intention in the world of killing her, but then finds he just can't go through with it. Or maybe once his identity's been discovered and the others are trying to help him some, he decides to hell with it and just kidnaps her to try and restart his old life with a different version of Iris? Or I'd love anything with Iris not trusting him and being angry with all that's he done, but at the same time he's still Barry and she can't get over that.

Leslie Thompkins captures Jim Gordon
The end of that season where she takes the Tetch virus and goes insane *__* And then kidnaps Gordon and makes him take it and go insane too *____* I would really love more of that intensely dark dynamic they have going on! I would love her kidnapping him and intending to get revenge and just ending up reminded of why she was so into him the first place, or something where she's gone full violent psychopath and Gordon finds himself being pulled into it along with her. Either because by that point he's been drugged too, or just because he never got over her and can't quite her even when he should arguably be in his right mind.

Alana Bloom captures Hannibal Lecter
I would love something set while she's running the hospital and has him under her control! Or maybe she goes fully insane earlier and kidnaps him on her own? Or something set while she's working with Mason to capture him? I would love to see her finally getting her hands on him and having all that rage and desire for revenge twisted back around on itself again. I can also see Hannibal getting into her having a darker side of herself and trying to encourage her, even if it's not the smartest idea in his present circumstances.

Hannibal Lecter captures Alana Bloom
Or the opposite! I would love this set at any time - early on, when she's not expecting it and she spends her time in captivity just devastated that he's a murderer and she didn't see it? Later, when he has to deal with her fury over everything that's he's done to her? He goes back and captures her after the end of the series for revenge, but ends up keeping her alive? Maybe playing on the relationship they used to have and trying to put some of that back together? Maybe he just wants a whole murder harem and he's trying to mindfuck her into thinking it's a good idea?

Hannibal Lecter captures Jack Crawford
Oh, man, I love them in so much because I always think Jack is the toughest one for Hannibal to crack open in the whole show and that just makes me want it more, especially since they were friends once. Maybe if Hannibal hadn't been interrupted he might have gotten away with keeping him in the pantry for a while, trying to convince him that cannibalism maybe isn't really that bad in the wider scheme of things? Or something set in Italy? Or something set after show, where Jack is still hunting Hannibal and at some point Hannibal captures him to stop him?

Hannibal Lecter captures Chiyoh
I would love any kind of pre-show thing - how exactly does she become so tied to Hannibal that she's willing to do so much for him? She's basically a willing prisoner by the time she shows up in canon, how much choice did she ever have? I would love more of them as young people, or what her life is like without him at the manor and how she feels about it and him and being trapped there for him. Does she try to really leave at any point, and does he just capture her and pull her right back in again? Or how does Hannibal feel about her now, and have those feelings changed over time?

Hannibal Lecter captures Beverly Katz
I would love an AU where instead of capturing Beverly, Hannibal just keeps her locked up somewhere instead! Maybe he's just putting off killing her because he does respect her, or maybe he figures he's going to get caught soon anyway so he may as well just keep her alive for a few months until he has to leave town, and then things just develop from there. Then maybe he gets too into playing mind games with his new toy? Or maybe she's a moral person who knows murder is wrong, but she's also got her own dark fascinations, and the food really is good?

Hannibal Lecter captures Will Graham
I would love an AU of Hannibal kidnapping and running off with Will Graham at basically any point in the timeline of show! Maybe something set earlier, where Hannibal still mostly sees will as an experiment but slips and gets too involved as things go by, or Will is kidnapped and trying very hard to focus on all the terrible things Hannibal's done to him and the people he cares about but eventually gives in anyway. Or just a take, during any of those times that Hannibal does have him captured, where Hannibal keeps him like that! I'm up for pretty much infinite takes on murder husbands.

Mal Cobb captures Ariadne
Oh man, this pairing! I love how threatening and intense Mal is in the movie, while I think the fact that she's so haunted also gives her a sort of magnetic quality, and I would love to see Ariadne caught up in that. I can see Mal taking her either as a way to get back at Arthur, or as a twisted reflection of Arthur's interest in Ariadne, or because the version of Mal stuck in his head is lonely there and wants someone real to cling to and stay with her. I'd love them getting pulled into Limbo, or weird mind games where Ariadne can't really tell if Mal's trying to help or hurt her.

Rumple | Mr Gold captures Belle
Basically canon, and I just really love their dynamic and I would love more of it! I'm always torn between whether I want them to just have their happy ending already or for round infinity of Rumple fucking up and having to make it up to her and maybe just fucking things up more as he tries. I would love something set in her early days in the castle, or maybe something where he kidnaps her during the curse and tries to get her to come around to him even though she doesn't remember who he is? Or maybe he's keeping her locked up and she can't know why for some reason? Or maybe an AU where they don't meet until much later, how does their relationship play out then?

Rumple | Mr Gold captures Emma Swan
I think Rumple's focus on Emma, especially in the earlier seasons, is one of the more interesting aspects of the show and I would love anything that focuses on that! I mean, he went crazy in a cave writing her name over and over for years, right? I think something where instead of Henry getting her, he goes and get her and drags her to Storybrooke and forces her to be the savior and like it would be interesting! Or anything with him capturing her and making her do things for savior-related reasons. Or, for the Lima approach, at what point does he start seeing her as less of a key to his goals and as her own person instead?

Orson Krennic captures Galen Erso
Well Orson capturing Galen is the actual canon, so I would love something set after Lah'mu! I'd love anything where they're both trying to play mind games on the other and end up playing themselves too. Or I'd love an AU or some other sort of mind game thing where Galen is imprisoned and Krennic is acting like he's trying to get him released when it's really all Krennic in the first place. I'd also love something with Galen surviving the explosion on Eadu and being straight-up imprisoned again, what happens to him? How does Krennic react to the betrayal with more time to process it?

Orson Krennic captures Lyra Erso
I want more of the two of them interacting so badly! I would love something where either she's taken with Galen, or something where Krennic fucks up and accidentally kills Galen on Lah'mu and ends up taking Lyra just to have something, or maybe just because he hopes she can help decipher some of the notes Galen left behind and then things sort of spiral out of control from there. Maybe she plays nice to try and get something out of him? Or maybe he only captures but Galen is alive, and they end up being forced to team up to save him from something?

Orson Krennic captures Jyn Erso
I'd love him capturing her at any point! Taking her hostage along with her father, or later catching her as an adult in the process of some of her anti-Empire activities, or even managing to take her alive and getting both of them of Scarif somehow. How does he relate to her, given his massive issues in regards to both Galen and Lyra? Does he mostly just pull her out to threaten her father? Or does he try to brainwash her into being loyal to him/the Empire? If the Empire kills Galen or tries to kill him, is there anyway he ends up willing to help her to get revenge?

Galen Erso captures Bodhi Rook
Maybe Bodhi isn't really a volunteer for the Empire, maybe he's conscripted into the work and just given to Galen for some reason and then Galen has to deal with being his captor? How does that play out for both of them? Or maybe he finds out about Galen's sabotage before Galen trusts him, and so Galen ends up imprisoning him somehow and things get kind of muddled for either Bodhi or both of them from there? How long does it take before Galen can convince him to take the message instead of turning him into Imperial intelligence?

Darth Vader captures Galen Erso
I think one of the interesting things about Galen is that he is definitely a traitor, but he's also pretty valuable to just kill and be done with! I'd love some sort of abuse of the force and careful brainwashing by Vader to try and turn him into someone with genuine loyalty to the Empire without damaging his brain to the point where he's lost all value - maybe something set after he's caught in outright sabotage? Does it end up ruining all those plans he worked so long for? Or maybe Tarkin is less inclined to trust Krennic to handle him after he's caught on Lah'mu, and gives him to Vader to make sure of his loyalties instead.

Mirror Spock captures Leonard McCoy
I loved Mirror, Mirror so much, and I would love more of that universe! I love how Mirror Spock and the others can look so familiar while being so totally different. I would love McCoy being forced to stay, either through malfeasance or through some sort of accident, or maybe if he'd had longer in the Mirror universe under Spock's control he could make his own decision to stay. I would love any kind of Mirror universe terror and violence, or any use and abuse of mind-melds, or just something that focuses on what it's like to be in a totally different universe!

Garcia Flynn captures Lucy Preston
There are so many options here - I would love an extended take on when he captured her during the American Revolution! What if he'd held on to her for longer? I love the idea of her catching some of his intensity even though she knows she should be better. Or what if he kidnaps her again after escaping after the season one finale, what if he's angry with her and she has to bring him back around? Or just anything with him kidnapping her and trying to drag her into his war against Rittenhouse.

Lucy Preston captures Garcia Flynn
What if they had managed to capture Garcia earlier, and just didn't want to give him to Rittenhouse for some reason? Or what if Lucy uses her newfound position in Rittenhouse to have access to him as his jailer after he's caught? Does she feel bad about him being caught? Maybe start to think that they could work as allies? Or does he stay furious and betrayed with her, or is he so intense about her that he just doesn't care? I would also love anything with the version of Lucy that gave him the journal playing weird Stockholm mind games on him to get him to do what she wanted!