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Rare Pair Fest 2017 Exchange Letter


I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr! Most of my pairings are rare, so I'm really excited about this exchange, and the fact that we have one of these pairings in common ♥

As a general note, please feel free to disregard the letter if you already know what you'd like to write! I'm into a very wide range of tone and story/art types - I like comedy, I like tragedy, I like fluff, I like soul-crushing angst, I like filthy porn, I like gently hand-holding, I like established relationships, I like getting together stories, I like realistic art, I like cartoon art, I like Eastern and Western styles, etc.

General Likes:
- gen/het/slash/femslash
- ratings from G to NC-17
- everything from unrequited crushes to PWP (and there's somewhat more detailed smut preferences here if you're so inclined)
- action & adventure
- comedy
- tragedy
- mysteries
- backstories
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs
- bodyswap
- timeloops
- hurt/comfort
- domesticity
- holiday fic
- fluff
- team bonding
- huddling for warmth
- fake dating & accidental/convenience/forced marriages
- sex pollen
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- pining
- threesomes
- uniforms/costumes
- mind control
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage
- captivity
- violence
- death fic
- torture
- choking
- biting
- scars & losing limbs
- corruption
- noncon/dubcon

General Dislikes:
- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging
- mundane aus

Ray Palmer/Kendra Saunders
I loved these two! I wanted them to have longer together. I would love any sort of missing scene with their relationship between episodes of the show, or any sort of additional time travel hijinks with them traveling to different periods! I would also love more about what their life was like when they were stuck in the fifties. I also really love the story-telling/art potential of the reincarnation aspect of Kendra's character, and I would love something where Ray runs into a different incarnation of her in either the past or the future, or anything that plays with the fate/free-will aspect of their relationship.

Sara Lance/Kendra Saunders
I loved their relationship so much, and I really loved Sara helping Kendra deal with her new abilities and being a superhero. I'd love more fic/art with them training, or being teamed up together alone on a mission to some period in the past/future. I'd also love an AU where Sara stayed with Kendra and Ray when they were stranded in the past. Or I would also love something that has Sara running into another incarnation of Kendra in another time period! Or I would love future fic/art where Kendra eventually comes back and joins the team again when they're both older.

Damien Darhk/Malcolm Merlyn/Eobard Thawne
I really loved the interaction between the three of these guys! They all have such different approaches to their villainy and I loved seeing them bounce of each other. I'd love any kind of missing scene thing with them hanging around as the Legion of Doom trying to figure out how to kill the Legends, or anything with them set in Doomworld! How did everything get set up the way it did? Or I'd love any kind of power-plays, mind games, maybe two of them teaming up against the third guy and having it blow up in their faces?

Alan Scott/Jay Garrick
There's so much timeline to play around with - I would love anything from their early days, when they're both getting used to each other and their powers and how crazy the universe really is. Or anything JSA-era, with them raising the next generation of superheroes together! I would also love time-travel, with an older version of one of them running into a younger one or vice-versa. I really like mutual protectiveness, and I also really love immensely powerful characters who sometimes have issue controlling their own powers/remaining in touch with with their own humanity, and I'd love anything that deals with that.

Arthur Curry/Mera
I love all iterations of them! I would love something set early on, when they first met and all the drama about Mera being a secret assassin, or anything that compares/contrasts how different their pasts are and how that influences them as a couple. I would also love anything where one of them has to go on a rampage to save the other! I also really liked the storyline about the Deluge prophecy, and I would love anything that plays with that! Or anything with them navigating Atlantis politics together. Or something that deals with their interactions with their family?

Barry Allen/Hal Jordan
I love all versions of them and would love an early take on relationship, say a version of how they first met and first started to fall in together as friends. I also love any kind of hurt/comfort thing, or one of them acting crazy to save or help the other. I would also love any kind of reunion fic set in one of the periods where they've been separated/dead/possessed or whatever for a while and get to reunite! I love all the friends-to-lovers tropes here, and their costumes and interesting uses of their powers. I would also really love future fic/art of them - what kind of heroes are they going to be in the future?

Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne
I love how tied together the two of them are, and how much history there is to their relationship, and how that drives Bruce's intense need for Harvey's redemption. I would love something set in the early days, before Harvey becomes Two-Face, that sort of shows the buildup to that relationship, or something set in the immediate aftermath of the attack where Bruce still isn't ready to acknowledge what Harvey's become. Or anything where they're forced to work on the same side? Or a future fic where Harvey really does manage to redeem himself!

Jessica Cruz/Barry Allen
I love both of them, especially since the JL issue where she sacrificed herself for him! I love more of them flirting or just being incredibly mutually supportive during their JLA missions. Or I'd love anything with either of them having to deal with the fallout of having been possessed by something. I would really love dramatic rescues, hurt/comfort, or any kind of cute domestic fluff. I'd also really love Barry showing her around Central City! Or anything with Barry showing her around the wider DC universe.

Jessica Cruz/Hal Jordan
I really love Hal's faith in her, and I would love more of him helping her be a better lantern or figure out her powers. I'd also love any kind of bonding over the fact that they've both spent a lot of time possessed and not in control of themselves. I'd also love more about Jessica getting into space more often and being introduced to more of the other Lantern Corps. I'd love anything with them getting stuck in alternate universes together, or accidentally getting sucked into a different time period, or any kind of comics drama.

Jessica Cruz/Simon Baz
They're so endlessly cute together! I want so much for them - going to get to travel out in space and geeking out over it, hijinks with various color lantern rings, training, figuring out how to be GLs the hard way, all the friends-to-lovers type tropes out there. Or Hal or somebody makes them do team bonding exercises! I also really love them interacting with their families, and would love more of that. I'd also love anything that deals with the fallout of Jessica being possessed by Volthoom, or something where Simon has his own go at being taken over by something.

Ya'Wara/Kahina the Seer
I want The Others to be un-cancelled so bad ;__; I loved how close the two of them were even despite being such dramatically different women in basically all respects. I would love anything about their early days, either how they first met or them bonding while going on a mission. Or, something set after Kahina dies with Ya'Wara being invested in protecting her legacy. Or AU/fixit where Kahina doesn't die in the first place, or where she's resurrected! Or maybe Ya'Wara meets an alternate universe version of Kahina and has to deal with meeting someone who both is and isn't the person she used to know? Or just anything where Ya'Wara's feelings end up fully requited.

Adelle DeWitt/Laurence Dominic
I loved how twisted their relationship is, and how wrapped up they are in each other despite their attempts to pretend otherwise. I'd love to know how Dominic first infiltrated the Dollhouse, and how he first wormed his way into her good graces. I'd love any sort of casefic with them working together in the early days, or an AU about what would have happened if he hadn't been caught? I also love the Attic and would love any kind of nightmare fic or art set there, or something with Adelle imprinting him into other bodies. I would also love Epitaph fic/art! What exactly did Adelle want him to do for her? And what happened if/when he got back?

Ancient One/Kaecilius
I want anything that fills in the history of their relationship! What was Kaecilius like when he first ended up at Kamar-Taj? How did she feel about him eventually leaving? Where there indications that it was coming, or was she blind-sided? Does she think there's any hope for changing his mind, or has she given up on him? How much of Kaecilius falling in with Dormammu was a deliberate rejection of her? I think the magic in this movie was really beautiful, and I'd also love anything that looks at their different approaches to their magic.

Kaecilius/Stephen Strange
Anything that fills in more of Kaecilius's viewpoint would be great. Is there any version of events where Stephen ends up switching to his side? Or anything with Kaecilius torturing/capturing Strange - maybe for some kind of magic ritual? Or maybe Dormammu sends Kaecilius back to this dimension as his servant, and they run across each other as a result, and maybe have to work together? Or maybe a an AU where Kaecilius hasn't split off from the Ancient One by the time Stephen ends up at Kamar-Taj.

Karl Mordo/Stephen Strange
If only they'd had more time before things got bad ;___; I would love any kind of extended of behind the scenes take on Mordo helping to train Stephen in Kamar-Taj, or I'd love anything that delves into Mordo's backstory and how he relates to newcomers to Kamar Taj. Or maybe they find themselves in some sort of compromising position because of a magical mistake? I'd also love any kind of future-fic where they deal with the fallout of being enemies now - can Stephen pull him back in?

Karl Mordo/Stephen Strange/Wong
I'd love more backstory for all of them - we know how Stephen got to Kamar-Taj, but what about the other two? Mordo and Wong presumably already know each other reasonably well, how does adding Strange change things? I'd love anything about them training or handling magical calamities together, including an AU where Strange and Wong manage to stop Mordo from going off on his own immediately and they rebuild the Sanctorums together. Or something with Strange and Wong trying to pull him back after he's already gone off the deep end.

Jane Carter/Ilsa Faust
I would love anything with the two of them meeting for the first time! How much does Jane know about what was going on during Rogue Nation, and what is she expecting when she finally meets her? Or anything with the two of them having to go on a mission together! Escaping death traps in fancy outfits and getting injured together would be great. Or, alternatively, I'd also love something set in the far future - what would their relationship look like if they were more settled together?

William Brandt/Jane Carter
I love how well they work together as a team, even after tensions for both of them were running so high in Ghost Protocol and they had that friction there. I'd love something set after the movie, with their next mission, and how do they interact once they've had more time to get used to each other? What was Jane up to during Rogue One, and did it involve Brandt in anyway? Or do they meet again for missions afterward and catch up then? I'd also love anything with them having to go undercover together, I love all the spy/action movie tropes!

Cassian Andor/Galen Erso
So this pretty much has to be AU, but it has so much potential! What if Cassian was undercover on some sort of mission and they met that way? Or what if Mothma had pushed to try and have Galen kidnapped from the Empire before the start of the movie, and Cassian was part of that mission? Or I'd love something where Galen survives Eadu and things go from there. How do you interact with the guy you almost shot in the head? Maybe bonding over something bad almost happening/actually happening to Jyn?

Darth Vader/Galen Erso
What if he gets caught sabotaging the Death Star before he meets Bodhi and ends up interrogated by Vader? Or maybe he just isn't killed on Eadu, and gets dragged in with Krennic on Mustafar? What if he's never really trusted enough to act on his own after he's recovered from Lah'mu, and so Darth Vader gets called in to try and do some mental reprogramming though his Force abilities? Or maybe an AU where he gets called in to do some sort of kyber related upgrades to Vader's suit? Or maybe Galen survives the events of the movie, and it becomes Vader's number one goal to hunt him down and drag him back to the Empire!

Darth Vader/Orson Krennic
That choking scene ♥ ♥ ♥ I would really love any kind of inappropriate use of the force here. Or how would things have gone if Vader had taken a more direct role in overseeing the Death Star's progress from the start? Does Krennic try to use him against Tarkin, to what kind of result? Or what if Krennic had survived Scarif, how hard would he have been ridden for letting Galen sabotage the Emperor's pet project? What happens if Vader helps him finally get his meeting with the Emperor?

Darth Vader/Orson Krennic/Wilhuff Tarkin
The Imperial infighting was one of my favorite things in the movie, and I would love more of Vader and Tarkin tag-team bullying Krennic, or just any Imperial plotting and maneuvering! I can see Krennic doing literally anything to get ahead, and both Vader and Tarkin being fully willing to take advantage of it and still never giving him what he wants. Or something with Krennic trying to play them off each other? Or something where the Emperor is just punishing all of them for letting the Death Star get blown up.

Darth Vader/Wilhuff Tarkin
Anything with them hunting down and destroying their enemies together! Or navigating Imperial politics together? Or just casually hanging out and shit-talking all the other officers? Or maybe something with them celebrating the launch of the Death Star! I love how far back their relationship goes, even as there's huge swaths of it they just don't talk about because Vader doesn't acknowledge being Anakin. I would also love an AU where either Tarkin survives the Death Star or it isn't blown up at all, or some sort of AU where Vader is raising the twins in the Empire.

Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook
I always want a hundred different versions of how they first met and got close enough for Bodhi to be so devoted to him. How does their relationship work on Eadu? How does Galen feel about sending him off for good? What if Galen had gone with him when he defected? Or, what would have happened if Galen had been taken alive from Eadu? I'd love to see anything with them making their way in the Rebellion, or even later, after the war is over. Or I'd love anything with one of them surviving and reflecting on the other's death.

Galen Erso/Lyra Erso
I want more backstory! I want something about how they first met! I also really want fic or art of their earlier adventures before they ended up on Vallt, like that time they mention in Catalyst where they got stuck in the wilderness and Lyra had to save both of them. What kind of life did they have planned before the wars happened? Or, I'd love some look at what their life was like while they were in exile on Lah'mu. I'd also love any kind of AU - what if they'd both been taken alive, or as a whole family, on Lah'mu? Or what if Lyra had gone off with Jyn and they don't see each other again for years?

Jyn Erso/Bodhi Rook
I would love to see more of them together - their respective relationships to Galen were both to important to how the movie went, and I would love to see more of them bonding over that. Or, alternatively, something that deals with their different experiences with Saw. Or any kind of AU - how would they have interacted if Galen had sent Bodhi to look for her earlier? What kind of expectations did Bodhi have of Galen's daughter? If they had survived Scarif, what would have happened to them? Or how does their dynamic work if Galen survives, too?

Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor/Bodhi Rook
I would love either a missing scene from the film, maybe something set between when they come back from Eadu and have to leave for Scarif, or something where they all survive! I would love to see them all dealing with the fallout of everything that happened during the movie in their own ways, and then coming together for comfort. I'd also love to see them going on missions together, along with whatever sort of hurt/comfort might arise from that. What do they do after the Death Star is destroyed? I'd also love something set in the far future, after the Empire's been defeated altogether. How do they live then?

Leia Organa/Bodhi Rook
I wish Bodhi had gotten to meet everyone from ANH, actually, but I really want something with him and Leia! Maybe he manages to make it off Scarif, and he's the one to deliver the plans to her? Or maybe they meet at some point after she comes back to Yavin 4 with Luke and Han? How do they handle the destructions of Jedha and Alderaan? And how do they interact as two people who have so much invested in the destruction of the Death Star? And how would a relationship play into whatever role Bodhi ends up with in the Rebellion?

Leonard McCoy/Nyota Uhura
They two of my favorites and I'm always really sad they don't get to interact more in the movie timelines! I think they're great together. So maybe something where they both get captured together and have to support each other? Or, with Bones being a doctor, that's always a great set up for hurt/comfort - something with either him patching up Uhura, or he gets hurt and has to walk Uhura through what to do about it. Or she has to translate something for him in a tense medical situation or something. Or something with them hooking up in their Academy days! Or maybe something set in the future, once the Enterprise crew has broken up and gone their separate ways but they still talk to each other?

Thrawn/Eli Vanto
IDK what exactly I expected when the book first came out, but it was not the flawless Thrawn/OC fic I was given! ♥Eli♥ - I loved their relationship so much, where Eli starts out feeling railroaded into it and that doesn't go away immediately but it gets replaced with this clear affection even though he's sometimes deeply exasperated by Thrawn. I would love any kind of missing scenes from the novels, or more about what Eli is up to during the events of Rebels. Or something post the end of the novel! Either an AU from the ending, or a fix-it, or just Eli coming to terms with it as he settles in with the Chiss.

Arihnda Pryce/Wilhuff Tarkin
Oh, man, these two - they didn't have a whole ton of interaction in the book but what they did have was amazing. I would love more of Pryce worming her way into his good graces, and both riding high on it and while also being self-aware enough to be slightly-to-highly terrified of it at all times too. And I feel like Tarkin would appreciate a good stone-cold social climber who knows who enough not to fuck with the wrong people. I'd love something with him showing her around Eriadu, or her mining experience being tied in closer to the Death Star project, or just any kind of plotting to get them both what they want.

Mads Mikkelsen/Ben Mendelsohn
I really loved them doing press together, I want to tie them together and make them do interviews together forever. Especially because Ben is so handsy, and just seems so genuinely excited about everything to do with the movie and their characters! I would love press tour shenanigans, or anything set behind the scenes of Rogue One. Or an AU where Gareth Edwards convinces someone to actually let him do a Catalyst movie? I also really love magical realism in RPF, or any kind of distortion of reality I guess.

Domhnall Gleeson/Oscar Isaac
The Ex Machina press tour was such a beautiful thing! I want more of them hanging out forever. Or maybe something with Oscar bugging the writers to have Poe captured by the First Order again so he can hang out with Domhnall and Gwendoline? Or maybe they get to be in a movie where they're on the same side and there's not attempted murder? Does Oscar miss not getting to torment him on screen anymore? Or I'd love something with weird shit happening while they were filming Ex Machina or some other hypothetical future movie.

Gwendoline Christie/Oscar Isaac
She's just so much taller than he is!!! Also I loved the red carpet interviews where he was flirting with her, like he flirts with everyone, but he just has so much charisma with everyone I can't resist it and I really want to see more of them together. I would love more press tour hijinks, any kind of after party hijinks, any sort of behind the scenes thing! Or just anything with them teasing each other. Again, I also really like magical realism and reality bending in RPF too.

Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston
These two! I love how crazy intense Garcia is about his mission, and how there's that tension where he's trying to pull Lucy into that same frame of thinking. I would absolutely love backstory - how exactly did Garcia come to know his version of Lucy? What was their relationship like? Does he think our Lucy is going to end up the same person, or have the timelines diverged too far for that? I would also love something post that finale - what happens to him while he's in Rittenhouse's custody? Does Lucy help him escape? How angry does he stay with her after that? I would also love any kind of time-travel hijinks or adventure fic!

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