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Space Swap 2017 Letter

Dear Spacer,

Thank you so much for offering one of these fandoms! I'm really excited for whatever you come up with ♥ I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr!

Please don't feel like you have to use any of the prompts I came up with, I love all the people/pairings I requested and I love a wide range of fic, so I'm sure to love whatever you want to write! Also, while I requested all the various relationships as '/' or '&' based on what was in the tag set, I really enjoy both gen and ships, so please feel free to write any relationship we matched on as either platonic or romantic/sexual according to your own interests. I also love basically all genres and all moods - I like comedy, I like tragedy, I like fluff, I like soul-crushing angst, I like filthy porn, I like gently hand-holding, I like established relationships, I like getting together stories, I like backstory, I like world-building, I like anything and everything having to do with these characters/pairings!

All of that applies to art as well as fic, and I've requested either art or fic for everything. I didn't really prompt very specifically for art, just because I like so many things - any style, any format, any content!

General Likes:
- gen/het/slash/femslash
- ratings from G to NC-17
- everything from gen to PWP
- action & adventure
- comedy
- tragedy
- mysteries
- backstories
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs
- bodyswap
- timeloops
- hurt/comfort
- domesticity
- holiday fic
- fluff
- team bonding
- huddling for warmth
- fake dating & accidental/convenience/forced marriages
- sex pollen
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- pining
- threesomes
- uniforms/costumes
- mind control
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage
- captivity
- violence
- deathfic
- torture
- choking
- scars & losing limbs
- corruption
- noncon/dubcon

General Dislikes:
- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging
- mundane aus

Character - Hal Jordan
Any kind of hijinks in space! Hal getting in over his head while stuck on alien worlds! I would also love anything that deals with any of the various times he was possessed by something. I would also love anything with him struggling to take on a leadership/mentor position despite being the type of person who mostly enjoys bucking authority!

Character - Jessica Cruz
I love Jessica, and all her insecurities - she had so many problems leaving her apartment, what's she going to do when a Green Lantern mission takes her into space? I would also love anything that delves into how she interacts with her ring, from her abstract constructs to how she has friendly conversations with it. I would also love her meeting some of the non-Earth lanterns, or some of the members of the other Lantern Corps!

Character - Simon Baz
I love Simon - anything that explores his relationship with his family would be great, I love all of them, maybe he has to go rescue them from space for some reason? Or maybe his nephew just wants to see Mars? I also love how he acts supremely confident, but he does still have his own issues with wearing the ring. Or is there any reason he would ever end up working with a different ring color? Or if he ends up having to spend a lot of time in space, how would he handle that?

Relationship - Alan Scott/Jay Garrick
I love them so much ♥ I would love anything - their first trip to space, or first experience with how cosmically crazy their world can get? Something set while Alan's possessed, or right after? Or anything JSA-era, with them both raising the next generation of super-heroes together, and trying to find downtime in the middle of all that craziness. I would also love something set in a Kingdom Come-type future, with Alan having built that whole lonely city in space with his own will - how would Jay react to that?

Relationship - Barry Allen/Hal Jordan
Having adventures in space! I would really love anything that plays on the space/time thing. I love the two of them and how they interact - they're both so different, but they go together so well, and I love how strong their friendship is. Hal taking him on a tour of space and Barry geeking out would be great, as would them running afoul of alien customs, or getting in a little over their heads and having to fight together to get back home!

Relationship - Hal Jordan/Jessica Cruz, Hal Jordan/Jessica Cruz/Simon Baz, Hal Jordan/Simon Baz
I would love anything for any combination of these three - any kind of team bonding, including getting somehow stuck together or accidentally soul-bonded or married or something! I would also love anything with them having to use alternate spectrum rings for whatever reason. I would also love anything with Hal taking them on a tour of space, and them getting to meet aliens and having off-planet adventures.

Relationship - Hal Jordan/Thaal Sinestro
I just love how much history they have together, and how they both always end up thrust back together in the end, and I would love anything set in any stage of their relationship - back when Hal was still his trainee, when they first became enemies, when they were forced to work together against more existential threats - I love all of it. I would also love Hal getting caught up in weird Korugarian customs, including shit Sinestro made up just to mess with him.


Character - Walter von Schenkopp
AU where he doesn't die? Or and AU where his family never defects - how does his life go if he never leaves the Empire? I would also love any kind of backstory - more about how he related to his family, or his history with the Rosen Ritter would be great. I also love action, and would love any kind of story with him hacking his way through an enemy ship! Or anything that focuses on his relationships with Yang, Julian, or the rest of the FPA/Iserlohn crew.

Character - Yang Wenli
I love Yang and how his commitment to his ideals always ends up overcoming his commitment to laziness. I would love anything about his approach to command, or dealing with politicians who are asking him for the impossible, or just something with him relaxing on his downtime. I would love slice-of-life. I would also love an AU where he lives - how does that affect the future of the Empire/Iserlohn? Or anything that focuses on his relationship with Schenkopp, Dusty, Frederica, Julian, Reinhard, or anyone else.

Relationship - Alex Cazerne/Hortense Cazerne
I love these two so much, and I love their relationship, and the importance of family to both of them, and I would love anything more about the two of them. He's the only one of the major characters to have a family to bring with him when they break off into Iserlohn, how does that affect them? Or I would love anything with them that explores the background of life on Iserlohn, or anything with them interacting with the Yangs or the rest of the FPA crew.

Relationship - Wolfgang Mittermeyer & Oskar von Reuenthal
I would love something set at any stage of their relationship! I love how strong their relationship is starting out, despite their differences, and how you can see it start to fray over the course of the series, first over Reuenthal's treatment of Elfriede and their child, and then with the defection. I would also love anything set in the future, with Mittermeyer trying to explain to Reuenthal's son what went down with his dad.

Relationship - Yang Wenli & or / Walter von Schenkopp
I love how crazy Schenkopp is, and especially how intense he is about his loyalty to Yang. I would love anything that explores their relationship, or how it works despite the two of them having very different values. I would love something set early on after they first take Iserlohn and they're still feeling each other out, or something set right around the period where Schenkopp breaks him out of FPA custody? Or an AU where Yang lives?


Character - Bright Noa
I would love backstory for Bright! Why did he join up with the military? What were things like for him on White Base before he was thrown into command? I would love anything with him trying to balance interacting with the Federation brass and his insane crew, or dealing with how much faith he has to place in people with basically no training, even when he barely has any experience himself.

Character - Lalah Sune
I love all Lalah lives AUs! Where would here life have gone if she had survived the war? Which side would she have ended up on? Alternatively, I would also love more backstory - what was life like for her at the Institute? That, or I would love anything that delves into her relationships with the people around her, and how she sees herself and how she views her powers as a Newtype.

Character - Sayla Mass
I love Sayla, and I would love any fic that deals with her identity issues fighting for the Federation while keeping her identity as Artesia secret. I would also love fic set right after the series - once her identity is known, how much blowback does she have to deal with from people outside of the White Base? I would also love any kind of slice-of-life of her interacting with the rest of the crew during the downtime between battles.

Relationship - Bright Noa/Mirai Yashima
I love them so much, and how much he comes to rely on her so quickly, and how they both clearly have feelings and are both adamant about never actually talking about them. I'd love more of them working together on the White Base, or finally talking about their feelings, or fic set after the series ends that covers how they did eventually get together and get married!

Relationship - Bright Noa/Mirai Yashima/Slegger Law
I love how complicated this all got, and love the idea of the three of them together trying to work all of it out - Bright getting super flustered, and Mirai also being sort of flustered but also into it, and Slegger just trying to get a rise out them but then realizing he can actually get them to go for it. Just anything with the three of them interacting! Or maybe what would have happened if Slegger had survived?

Relationship - Bright Noa/Sayla Mass
I love their relationship, and how Bright seems to trust her and rely on her almost immediately, even as she's sort of standoffish. Even after she hijacks the Gundam, he's so upset but she still gets off fairly light. I also loved the handling of the reveal of her identity! I would love anything set during the beginning of the series under the stress of getting used to fighting, or later dealing with the fallout of her identity reveal, or something set with them meeting up after the series ends.

Relationship - Char Aznable/Kycilia Zabi
I want all kinds of Zeon politics and power plays! I want anything with either of them being confident that they're pulling something over on the the other one. Hate sex, maneuvering, betrayal, anything. I love how Char both hates the Zabi and still has to play along with helping them, and how ripe that is for mind games.

Relationship - Char Aznable/Lalah Sune
I love Lalah's loyalty, and what a massive influence Char has been on her and her ideals. I would love anything with the two of them interacting during her time at the institute while she's feeling out her powers, or set while she's being slotted into the Zeon armed forces, or something set in an AU where she survives and their relationship is tested by the rest of the war.

Relationship - Mirai Yashima/Sayla Mass
I love their friendship, and how they confide in each other, and how they're both immediately thrust into important bridge positions at the start of the series totally unprepared. I would love anything set in the beginning, during the tension of being hunted by Char, or something set later after the crew finds out about Sayla's past. I would also love something that looks at their relationship after the series ends!


Character - Bodhi Rook
I would love backstory - what was his life like growing up? Why did he join the Empire, and what was he expecting it to be? Did he miss Jedha, or is Imperial service still better than life there was? How did he fit in as part of the Empire before he met Galen? Or what was going through his head at pretty much any point during the movie? Or, if he'd survived Scarif, how would he have fit in with the Alliance? And if he'd survived the whole thing, what would he have done after the war?

Character - Galen Erso
I would love to know what life was like for him early in the Futures Program, or on Lah'mu! Or later, what life was like for him working for Krennic on Eadu. How did he pull himself through the day? How much freedom did he have? How much did everybody but Krennic know about the circumstances surrounding his presence? Or how would life for him and his family have turned out if he had fled directly to the Rebellion instead of trying to hide on Lah'mu?

Character - Jyn Erso
I would love any kind of backstory about what her life was like between being left on Lah'mu and being picked up again by Cassian at the beginning of the movie. What kind of fights was she in? How did life as her various different aliases vary? How did she relate to the other members of Saw's gang? Alternatively, I would love anything where she survives Scarif - what would she do from there? How would she adjust once the war was over?

Character - Orson Krennic
I would really love anything with him being intensely dramatic. Or I would love backstory! Where did that desperate need for recognition come from? I would also love to see him struggling for position right out of the Program, or trying to keep it after he loses Galen on Coruscant. I would love him playing the Imperial political game, or maybe an AU - what happens if he survives Scarif? What would have happened if he'd caught Galen earlier, and the Death Star had turned out to be a huge success?

Relationship - Bodhi Rook & or / Galen Erso
I have loved every version of these two I've ever read. What was their first meeting like, and how long before one of them figured out the other wasn't really all that pro-Empire? How does Galen convince him to defect? Did Galen ever have second thoughts about sending him to see Saw? I would love an AU where they manage to extract Galen from Eadu alive, and things go from there. Or what would have happened to both of them if Bodhi had been caught by the Empire before he ever made it to Saw?

Relationship - Bodhi Rook/Bor Gullet
Tentacles ♥ I will of course take any kind of weird tentacle porn! I also like the mental aspect, and would take anything with the Bor Gullet really getting into Bodhi's head and messing with his memories, his feelings, or his perceptions of reality. Or what would have happened with Bodhi and the Bor Gullet if the arrival of Cassian and the others/the destruction of Jedha hadn't thrown a wrench in Saw's plans?

Relationship - Bodhi Rook/Jyn Erso
I think they're both committing themselves to a whole new way of life, based on what Galen has asked of them, and so I'd love more of them learning to be a part of the Alliance together. I would love any expanded interaction set during the timeline of the movie - how does Jyn feel about having this stranger thrust at her, somebody who knew her father, possibly for longer than she did, and then got tortured by her other father figure? Did Bodhi expect to meet her, and if so, is she anything like what he'd expected? I would love any kind of canon-divergent AUs for them as well.

Relationship - Galen Erso/Orson Krennic
I love their relationship so much. I mean, poor Galen, but Krennic's obsession with him is fantastic and I will always want more of it. I would love something set during the Futures Program, or Krennic doing something incredibly inappropriate after he finds out Galen's getting married, or an AU where he catches the family before they have a chance to flee for Lah'mu? I would also love anything set while Galen is working on Eadu, with all the mind games that would entail. Or any kind of AU where Galen survives the attack on the platform or is caught earlier in the timeline and has to face Krennic's wrath over the betrayal.

Relationship - Darth Vader & or / Orson Krennic & or / Wilhuff Tarkin
Imperials being deeply, deeply petty was my favorite part of the movie, and I would love more of Vader and Tarkin tag-team bullying Krennic, or just any Imperial infighting and maneuvering! I can see Krennic doing literally anything to get ahead, and both Vader and Tarkin being fully willing to take advantage of it and still never giving him what he wants. Or something where Krennic is trying to maneuver them against each other, and it just blows up in his face?

Relationship - Darth Vader/Orson Krennic
Anything, write anything! How many more stellar puns does Vader have lurking in the back of his head? I would have Krennic be his unwilling audience for all of them. Or reporting to Vader for some failure, real or a set-up, and having to try and talk his way out of it. What would have happened if Vader had taken a more intensive role in overseeing the Death Star construction project? Does Krennic try and use him to get in with the Emperor?

Relationship - Orson Krennic/Wilhuff Tarkin
I would love anything - how do they first meet? Is enemies at first sight, or does that build up after time? What if Krennic finally gets something to hold over Tarkin - how does he manage that? How does Krennic go about trying to get extra authority and influence out of Tarkin, and how far does he take it? If Galen was caught earlier, or for whatever reason the Death Star wasn't destroyed and went on to be a huge success, would Tarkin have eased off Krennic some? Or would Krennic have over-reached and gotten himself slapped down again anyway?


Character - Jaylah
Worldbuilding - Jaylah joins the Enterprise Crew
Worldbuilding - Jaylah at Starfleet Academy
I love Jaylah and I want anything to do with her! How much does she remember about her birth planet? What was it like for her growing up alone, with nothing except videos & music for company? What is her life like at the Academy? Is it hard being around people again, or is she happy about the change? What kind of education track does she end up on? When she graduates, is she going to go straight to the Enterprise? If so, how does she blend in with the rest of the crew? I would love anything with her going on adventures and getting to explore new planets, either as a cadet or as an Enterprise crew member.

Relationship - Jaylah & James Kirk
I would love them going on adventures, or both coming up with plans they think are great that other people think are stupidly dangerous. Is Jaylah just as bad as him at going through uniforms? Or is Jim a bad influence convincing her to break a ton of different rules at Starfleet?

Relationship - Jaylah & Leonard McCoy
I would love more of them interacting - anything where he gets grumpy with her for being too adventurous and getting herself banged up, or something where he has to work out some new aspect of her anatomy to help treat her. Or maybe helping her get used to not being so alone anymore?

Relationship - Jaylah & Montgomery Scott
I want more of their relationship! Maybe something where they keep up contact while Jaylah is at the Academy, or some celebration when Jaylah graduates? I would love any kind of episodic/mission fic! I would love them bonding over engineering and coming up with outrageous new inventions together.

Relationship - Jaylah/Nyota Uhura
I would love anything with them figuring out Jaylah's native language together - did she even have any access to her parent's language while she was alone? Or bonding over music! Or anything with Jaylah having to help out with the engineering side of the comms system and them getting closer that way!


Character - Darth Vader
I'd love anything that delves more into his interior life - what's going on in his head during the trilogy, seeing Obi-Wan again, finding out that his children are still alive? Does it bring back memories of Padme, or did he just never stop thinking of her? What did the destruction of Alderaan actually feel like for somebody so attuned to the Force? I also love AUs where he ends up raising the twins in the Empire. Or what would have happened if he'd been drawn back to the Light sooner?

Character - Wilhuff Tarkin
I'd love backstory from basically any point in his life - adventures from when he was in the Regional Security Force, or the Judicial Forces, or Governor of Eriadu, or during the Clone Wars. I'd also love anything that delves into his relationships with the other officers, or his subordinates, or Palpatine. Or what would have happened to him if he had evacuated from the Death Star? Or if Luke hadn't managed to blow it up at all?

Relationship - Darth Vader/Wilhuff Tarkin
I would love anything with them - fighting and destroying their enemies? Navigating Imperial politics? Putting subordinates in their place? Celebrating the launch of the Death Star? I love how far back their relationship goes, and I would love something set during any period of it. Or future fic! What would have happened if they'd been victorious at Yavin 4?


Character - Padme Amidala
I love Padme and the whole idea of her being such an influential leader at such a young age, both on Naboo and in the Galactic Senate. I would love anything that delves into her history, either her relationship with her family or her training as a public servant. How did they identify a middle-schooler as being a good planetary leader? I would also love some kind of incident set during the Clone Wars. Or, I like AUs where she survives the birth of the twins, or something with her reflecting on events after her death as a ghost. I would also love anything that deals with her relationship with Anakin, Palpatine, any of her handmaidens, Satine, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, or her children.

Character - Qui-Gon Jinn
I'm always sad that Qui-Gon died in the first prequel movie, because he's one of my favorite Jedi and we get to see so little of him. I would love anything that delves into how he approaches being a Jedi - he doesn't seem angry with the Council, but at the same time he clearly disagrees with them and doesn't feel the need to strictly follow them, and he saw things other Jedi of his age missed. I would love any kind of backstory, or also any kind of AU where he survived the fight with Maul. I would also love anything that deals with his relationships with Dooku, Obi-Wan, Anakin, or him having force ghost meetings with any of the younger Jedi he never met in life.


Character - Armitage Hux
I'd love any sort of backstory about what his life was like after the fall of the Empire or how he accomplished his rise in the First Order ranks. How do the politics of the First Order work? Is he mostly focused on the internal workings, or is he also involved in diplomacy and drumming up support from old Imperial hold-outs? I would also love anything about his relationships with Sloane, Phasma, the Knights of Ren, or Snoke.

Character - BB-8
&BB-8; I would love anything about how he first came to be Poe's droid, or anything about how his little droid mind processes and interacts with the world around him. What did he think about following Poe to the Resistance? How does he feel about Rey leaving to go train off planet? Does he sabotage her trying to leave? What is his relationship with the other droids? I would also love anything with him interfering in other people's relationships as he sees fit!

Character - Poe Dameron
I would love anything about him, from his time in the New Republic to his time in the Resistance, to future fic about what he ends up doing after the First Order is defeated. I'd also love anything that delves more into his experience being tortured by Kylo, or something that expands on what he was doing after Finn thought he'd died and before they meet up again. I'd also love anything that explores his relationship with any of his Squadron, Leia, Finn, Rey, Terex, or Luke.

Relationship - Phasma & Stormtroopers
I love Phasma, and I'm really fascinated by her relationship with the rest of the stormtroopers - she's clearly the boss, but she's also identifying with the them and interacting with them on a totally different level than any other Imperial/First Order officer. How does she feel about them? And how do they, in turn, feel about her? I would be happy with anything, from a slice-of-life exploration of daily life in the First Order to seeing how they function in some sort of explosive action setting.

Relationship - Phasma/Rey
I would love more of them interacting - Phasma getting revenge for being thrown in the trash compactor? Rey being sent on a mission to take her out as head of the stormtroopers? I would also love one of them being capture/interrogated by the other. I would also love any kind of fic where they end up having to work on the same side, for some reason. Or an AU where Rey was raised in the First Order?

Relationship - Rey & Luke Skywalker
I love both of them, and I would love any kind of training montages, bonding moments, or just Luke telling her about the history of the Jedi and the wider galaxy. What happens to Rey if Luke ends up dying in the fight against the First Order? They've both been alone for a really long time, under different circumstances, so how do they react to being around people again? How does Luke feel about training someone again?

And I'm pretty sure every singe one of those fandoms had an Empire, Federation, or Alliance in there somewhere, if not more than one. I love sci-fi ♥

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