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May the 4th 2017 Letter

Dear Yoda,

I'm so excited about this exchange! I hope you have a great Star Wars day.

I'm [ profile] rosecake on AO3 and [ profile] rose-cake on Tumblr.

I enjoy a wide variety of story types and I really love all the characters I've requested below, so I'm sure to like whatever you want to write/draw. I like gen & romance/porn pretty much equally, any rating you feel like, so regardless of whether I asked for an & or a / pairing I'll be thrilled to get either! The only exception to this is Galen & Jyn, where I would really like it to stay gen. Please feel free to ignore the prompts and write whatever you want, the prompts are just there if you need a place to start. Also - a lot these prompts cover sort of similar ground between various characters, like for example there's a lot of overlap with the Jyn & Bodhi & Galen requests, so feel free to just combine them into one fic if you're so inclined.

My likes when it comes to art are the same as my likes when it comes to writing - I don't have any preferences/dislikes when it comes to medium/style/coloring/etc., and I'm down with both explicit sex and violence. Anything with the characters I requested interacting is going to be aces!

As far as canon goes, I've seen all the movies/cartoons, I've read Tarkin, Ahsoka, Catalyst, the Rogue One & TFA novelizations, the Claudia Gray books, and the Poe Dameron comics. I've also read some of the old comics/EU tie-in novels, but it's been a while and I'm a bit vague on what actually happened in them. Feel free to work with whatever canon you're comfortable with.

General Likes:
- gen/het/slash/femslash
- ratings from G to NC-17
- everything from plot-heavy gen to PWP
- action & adventure
- comedy
- tragedy
- mysteries
- backstories
- five things fics
- canon-divergence AUs
- mirrorverse AUs
- bodyswap
- timeloops
- hurt/comfort
- domesticity
- holiday fic
- fluff
- team bonding
- huddling for warmth
- fake dating & accidental/convenience/forced marriages
- sex pollen
- empathic bonds
- loyalty & betrayal
- sacrifice
- pining
- threesomes
- uniforms/costumes
- capes generally, and Krennic's cape specifically
- choking/asphyxiation
- mind control
- ghosts & hauntings
- bondage
- captivity
- stockholm/lima syndrome
- violence
- deathfic
- torture
- scars & losing limbs
- corruption
- noncon/dubcon

General Dislikes:
- a/b/o & lifestyle BDSM
- explicit underage porn/loli/shota/deaging
- mundane aus

Rey & Luke
I love them both so much, I want to see anything with them bonding. Training montages, Luke taking her around the galaxy to help her figure out where she came from, Rey grieving and trying not to give into the dark side after he dies because that's not what he would've wanted, anything. They're both such caring people, but they've also both been alone for so long after being separated from their loved ones, so I think they're similar and both represent something the other needs. I can also see Luke having an emotional reaction to training someone again, given what happened the last time. And does he train her as a Jedi, or do they decide that it's time for some new type of force user philosophy?

Jyn & Galen
I have so many feelings about these two and no idea what to do with them! I'd be happy with anything set in the past during their life on Lah'mu, or an AU set when Jyn is an adult where they actually get to meet again. Maybe Galen leaves with Bodhi to go look for her? Or maybe they manage to extract him alive on Eadu? I would also be really happy to see a story where they don't actually get to interact, but either one of them is reflecting on their feelings about being separated from the other. Or how do things go if Krennic had found Jyn on Lah'mu and brought her back to the Empire with her father - does she get to stay with her father, or does she get sent to an Imperial Academy to be brainwashed into being loyal to the Empire?

I want more of these two interacting! Their respective relationships to Galen were both so crucial to the way things went down, and I feel like they have a lot in common as people who were outsiders to the Rebellion. Maybe something with them both processing their grief after Galen died? Or, how would their relationship have gone if Galen had sent Bodhi to go look for her earlier, maybe while she was still part of Saw's crew? Is Jyn anything like the person Bodhi was expecting find? If they had survived Scarif, how would they have helped each other adjust to life as part of the Alliance?

One of the many, MANY tragedies of Rogue One is that these two didn't get to meet! I want to see them interacting so badly, especially since Luke ends up being the final resolution to everything Bodhi & Galen were trying to accomplish. Maybe something where they meet and bond over being new to the Alliance? Or where Luke helps Bodhi transition over to being an Alliance pilot? An AU where Luke meets up with the Rebellion earlier and ends up as part of the Rogue One mission to Scarif would also be cool! That, or I would also be excited about something set in the far future - if they'd become friends or gotten romantically involved, how would that affect the decisions Luke made before TFA?

Their relationship is so important to the plot of the movie, but it's also entirely implied rather than directly shown - I would be happy with pretty much any take on it. How do they meet? How does Bodhi come to the decision to betray the Empire? Did he already have his own reasons to be disloyal even before they met, or was his decision based entirely on his feelings for Galen? How long did they know each other before the events of the movie? How did Galen feel about sending him off on such a dangerous task? Do they have to hide their relationship from Krennic so he doesn't get jealous? I'd also love an AU where they manage to extract Galen alive, and then there's a reunion scene!

I am really down for enemy shipping! I feel like Hux may be the main New Order baddie for the new trilogy, but it's Phasma who gets down in the dirt and is going to be actually fighting them. I'd really like any kind of epic showdown between the two of them, or maybe something where one gets captured by the other is being interrogated? I'd also like any kind of AU where they end up on the same side, like for example something where the First Order ends up trawling Jakku for orphans to brainwash and Rey is raised to be a fiercely loyal soldier who considers it her family. Or maybe the First Order splits into naval officers v. knights of ren factions, and they end up temporarily fighting towards a common goal because of it?

I am down for any possible story about these two - from something (relatively) sweet during their days at the Program, to something traumatic set around Lah'mu, or something set during Galen's captivity working for the Empire. I like how Krennic really does care about him, and yet still literally everything he does makes Galen's life a living hell. What would have happened if Galen hadn't died on Eadu? Or, if Krennic somehow survived Scarif, how would he deal with Galen's death after more time to process it? Or anything with Galen reflecting back on the sheer number of red flags he sort of just glazed over when they were younger.

My favorite part of the Rogue One movie was Vader and Tarkin tag-team bullying Krennic, and I really desperately want more of that. I want all the catty imperial officer infighting you can fit in one fic! I can see Krennic scheming desperately to turn Vader and Tarkin against each other and having it blow up in his face. Or, I've read that in an earlier version of the script Tarkin rolled in to take over the Death Star and Krennic pulled a gun on him, and Vader had to force grab it away from him, and I would love an AU based on that scene happening! Also, I know I already put choking in my general likes, but I feel like now is a good time to reiterate that I really like choking, whether it's choking with the force or somebody's dick or whatever you feel like writing.

Vader/ or & Tarkin
There is so little for this pairing, either as a ship or just as murder bros, and so I really want any kind of fic! I'd love action/fighting fic with them violently suppressing dissent somewhere, or something where they're just hanging out in their downtime shit-talking other imperials. I'd also enjoy something set in the past, when they were working together during The Clone Wars, or maybe something set around the time of Tarkin? Or something set in the future - if Tarkin survives the destruction of the Death Star, does Vader help him keep his position? Or what happens to them if the Death Star never gets blown up at all? Or an AU where Vader ends up raising the twins and how Tarkin plays into that would be awesome.

And if you're so inclined while I was lol tragically overthinking my sign-up I put together a spotify playlist for my pairings here. Have a happy May 4th ♥